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  1. Planning on bringing it up with my next visit to the doctor, hopefully it's just more symptoms from HPPD.
  2. Sometimes it's a migraine or is close to one, and other times it's just a headache.
  3. Is this a symptom known to happen with HPPD? At random moments, my head feels like it's floating from the rest of my body and my depth perception is way off as things seem closer or further. Shortly before this happens I also experience numbness/tingling throughout my limbs and a headache, along with my vision worsening and an increase in head pressure. My balance is also off the charts... Is this HPPD or is more likely a different medical issue?
  4. Sounds like you may be suffering from Depersonalization/derealization. Feeling detached from your thoughts and actions, almost like you are following “robotic commands”. I was feeling the same way as you were recently but it ended up just vanishing. However, it seems that many other people experience this feeling within HPPD for random ongoing intervals sometimes even lasting years. My best advice would be to try experimenting with other medicines known to alleviate HPPD symptoms with your doctor, and see if certain prescriptions can suppress these feelings. If you don’t want to go down the prescription road, then you could try meditation (which really grounded me into reality personally) and exercising along with a healthy diet which also helped suppress anxiety and DP/DR (again, for me at least).
  5. Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to taper off later down the road. Do you find that Zopiclone effects your hppd symptoms (besides sleep)?
  6. Thanks! I'll keep this in mind and I'll be sure to bring this up with my doctor next time
  7. Not sure how you can view the original post, but I'm curious. How long did it take for the feeling of derealization to go away for you, or at least alleviate? Currently experiencing the same feelings lately.
  8. I recently developed HPPD and have had a ton of trouble sleeping, so my doctor recommended I try a dosage of one 3.5 mg Zopiclone tablet per night. For the first time in a couple weeks or so I managed to get more than 3-5 hours of sleep (got around 9 hours of sleep) and felt refreshed the next day; the next night went smoothly as well. However I can notice my visual symptoms feel worse than usual. I was wondering if there are others on here that have had similar experiences. Should I stop taking the prescription altogether? Is there any conflicting side effects known with HPPD and Zopiclone that I should be concerned about?
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