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  1. Always nice to see some awareness being spread for HPPD. Thank you.
  2. I asked my doctor for levetiracetam (Keppra). However, I was surprised to see that he had instead prescribed me topamax at the pharmacy. Is it even worth taking for HPPD?
  3. Most annoying thing about this pandemic for me is how my grocery stores are limiting fresh meats to two items per person, makes it a lot harder to stay on keto 🙄
  4. Most of it seems alright as there's some good posts helping others and newcomers to HPPD; although I've seen a lot of people give out really awful advice on there, some people even glorifying HPPD as a blessing and disregarding those who actually suffer from it. So it's mostly just a mixed bag of people who care, and others who treat it as a joke like you said.
  5. I was extremely ignorant to the possible side effects and long-term damage that could be obtained from the drug I took, especially the small dosage. I was carefree and inexperienced, being a huge noobie with drugs and looking for some sort of relief. Again, I don't care if you do not believe me but I know it's the truth and that's more than enough for me. You can't just go into a disorder forum and declare the disorder isn't real, expecting 0 argumentative responses. Maybe if you approached this with a better tone, you could've explained your theory without disregarding HPPD in its enti
  6. If you don't believe me, I guess there's no reason to argue with you. Think what you want I guess 🤷‍♂️
  7. If HPPD worked like how you claimed it does then how would symptoms continuously effect unaware/indifferent individuals, sometimes even getting worse over time? Personally after my emergence of symptoms I had no clue that my past drug usage could have caused this condition for awhile. Even then I wasn't hyperfixated on visual changes, etc. and despite the obliviousness nothing went back to "normal". For the longest time I really didn't care, until things progressively became worse on their own... however I've never had severe anxiety, and still don't. I didn't find out what HPPD was until much
  8. Even without the sun, I still wear mine consistently. It helps with artificial lights, etc. Yeah, it's common for symptoms to get much worse at night, and symptoms overall can get worse overtime or better. It really just depends on the person. Personally, after my symptoms got worse over the course of a few months they gradually started to decline when I started wearing sunglasses and eating a keto diet (keto diet is a BIG help for people with HPPD).
  9. Most of your symptoms seem to match up with HPPD, so I'd say you most likely have it. I was experiencing extreme pressure in my eyes (along with my head) which you seem to be dealing with, and had some pretty bad light sensitivity (trailing, halos, double vision etc). A good coping technique for this is to wear some sunglasses (I wear my prescribed ones 24/7 and a big chunk of my pressure/visual-symptoms have been simmered down. Seriously, buy yourself a pair and see if it makes any difference, I know a few others on here have had success with it as well.
  10. Yeah, I had the exact same thing you're currently going through. My body and mind felt like a pair of anchors, or sometimes they felt too light; always shifting between the two and putting me off-balance. Thankfully after abstaining from all drugs and eating healthy (keto diet) that symptom has basically vanished for me. Can't say the same for the rest of my symptoms, but they are slowly getting better as well.
  11. Within a week, no. Personally, it took a few weeks before noticing any improvements (after trying to live healthy, using supplements, etc.) but recovery is different for everyone. If you're noticing improvements so early that's a very good sign.
  12. Trazodone along with other sleep-aid/anti-depressant medication can cause intense/weird dreams... if you're noticing any other negative side effects that are too much for you (visual increase, etc.) then you should probably stop taking it. People on here have said it helped a bit, others say it made everything 2x worse. About your friends, if you don't approve of what they're doing or how they're acting it might be best to cut them off.
  13. At first it can seem really hopeless, but through abstaining drugs/caffeine and eating healthy, trying coping mechanisms, exercising, etc I promise it gets somewhat better over time. Working towards recovery immediately is a huge help, and coming to terms with your symptoms will also help with the anxiety/depression. In just a few months of working towards recovery and living a completely healthy lifestyle, my symptoms have lowered 50% (although HPPD recovery is different for everyone). Just hang in there! A positive mindset can work wonders in your battle against HPPD 🙂
  14. I've been slowly increasing the dosage, and I've made sure to make sure it's a small dosage for now (it helped a lot with the anxiety). However it seems as though my visuals are increasing after using the oil for a couple days though.
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