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  1. Thank you "MadDoc" for your reply and concern also. After doing a drug test it was found that it is in fact LSD but thanks for the warning. You would've thought it was a research chemical after all that trouble the acid has caused. However, sorry to know about your bad experience - sounds rough. To clarify, LSD ingestion was in mid-June this year so it's approximately 4.5 months post-incident. Trust me I will remain clean even from pharmaceutical drugs like anti-depressants. Thanks for the encouragement, I too think it would be more likely however other users of this forum suggested otherwise (in fact the counter saying that those who abuse drugs then get HPPD are more likely to recover because somehow they're not predisposed to it in the same way as first-timers). Other than sobriety, do you have any other tips? Any thoughts or practices you adopt to get you through?
  2. Hi Jay. Thanks for taking the time to respond and welcome me. Yes it is a scary thing and those effects are still lingering - and we're about 5 months post-incident. I know it's no use blaming myself but it's inevitable; it's hard not to especially with the amount I'm suffering at the moment. I tried taking lions mane and 5-HTP, as well as other supplements such as marine collagen, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, etc. None of those are really helping at all. After a recent visit to the psychiatrist, I was suggested to take Lexopro, mirtazapine, and diazepam but not taking them. As you can imagine I'm put off from adding an external chemical to modify my brain state albeit the purpose is for it to be helpful. Any thoughts? Thanks once again for your insights and concern.
  3. For me, my sleep problems got exasperated from LSD use. To answer your question
  4. In my view, it's counter-intuitive to continue with the psychedelics bc it's the one category of drugs that cause HPPD. I got HPPD from one time use of LSD. Especially also since you recognise your symptoms were virtually noticed with the LSD. Doesn't make sense why you'd not be in total drug cessation
  5. Shit yeah, me too. How many times had you taken it? You mentioned you took other drugs so are you certain the effects are from LSD as opposed to say, weed?
  6. Hi guys. Came across this blog: https://cbd-bill.com/cbd-did-more-than-help-my-hppd/ which is relevant to this thread. I have only started using CBD oil myself. Would be curious to see who has tried it and if it helped them with their HPPD? From research alone, I can see why one may be drawn to it based on appeal. Would be good to hear from those would tried it and to see if it made any difference for them. Cheers
  7. Why did LSD affect you the worst? Just curious because I hold the same view despite only trying LSD xD lol
  8. This is a long shot but can the people who developed eye squint/strabismus/lazy eye, return to this forum and comment on whether their eye condition due to the ingestion of drugs had returned to normal (i.e. eye state prior to drug use)? So far has it turned out to be long lasting/permanent or did in fact things return to normal after the cessation of drug use? Would appreciate any feedback on that as I have a strabismus in left eye which I was pre disposed to but didn't have until one time use of LSD. Thank you
  9. Also his reporting of the strabismus appears to be from a different drug - kind of like the reports being about heroin but still relevant in regards to developing the eye condition from the ingesting of an illicit drug. I wish there would be some info regarding LSD itself - maybe it makes a difference? His post was from 2012 so I doubt he'd still be active on this forum, but possible. Might try to reach out. But in any case, the doctor at A and E did inform me that some people develop strabismus from using their eye muscles a lot when hallucinating and that in his view, it does settle over time but variable. I don't know why I have such difficulty in trusting doctors lol, I guess it's because whenever they reassured me they tend to be wrong and vice versa.
  10. Yes it's super interesting. Indeed that was the source from which I obtained the information about the <6 months: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/62f1/9f106244bfdaae43389114080cee434c1df6.pdf (Sutter, F.K.P. and Landau, K., 2003. Heroin and strabismus. Swiss medical weekly, 133(1920)). Shows that one woman (listed number 2) recovered after about 5 months. Which does reinforce some sense of hope for me as I know heroin is a more potent drug on the body than LSD. What did you suggest was extremely rare? I.e. that the strabismus caused by the LSD is permanent or that the strabismus is caused by the LSD at all? Also I know I am thanking you a tonne but thanks for the link, saves me a lot of time, albeit I did attempt to fish through to find it.
  11. Also I tried to find that post in your history but to no success xD. Any dates, key words, their username, anything? Thanks again
  12. Was his strabismus permanent? Or did it go away? I saw with heroin users it can be caused acutely but tends to go away within 6 months. Not sure if I can draw similar conclusions to lsd. Thanks so much for your help
  13. Thanks - also is it normal to develop a strabismus due to acid?
  14. Thanks for your reply. Currently taking no medication but the psychiatrist thinks I should take Lexapro, sleeping pill and diazepam which I’m not taking. i think I have got the adhd alongside the other issues but I am hoping it will settle since it’s been slightly under four months
  15. I have never taken illicit drugs prior, but four months ago, LSD was taken and I hallucinated for 12 hours. In short, though, what I went through appears to be abnormal and certainly is a far cry from what can be found online about LSD related experiences. About 2 hours into intoxication, I felt like fainting, my body temperature increased dramatically, I was dizzy. Then, I saw a physical shift in my hair and eye, which changed in such a way that is in line with phenotypes expressed in my family - e.g. for my left eye, I developed a squint about 2 hours into the trip, which my sister and dad have. I was predisposed to adhd, and I firmly believe that I have virtually all of the characteristics. These changes are still with me to this day. I'm left not knowing if the LSD made this permanent mark on my state and it depresses me more than anything you can imagine. Doctors said it's down to stress and not the acid itself. Some of them also said a proportion of brains take longer to settle to normal. Of course, I've also got the HPPD which doesn't help matters. Regarding the HPPD, I have brain fog, severe/crippling depression, moderate anxiety, dp/dr, terrible headaches, halos around objects, positive after-images, spotters, floaters and vibrant spontaneous colours which blast when my eyes are shut or if there is a dark space. In addition, if I look enough at faces, they tend to morph as if I were tripping. It has left me in a terrible way. By joining and being active on this platform, I am hoping to gain support, relatability potential and advice.
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