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  1. Started to panic because all of a sudden my visuals had gone to a whole new level. My heart was pounding, hands sweaty, the whole nine yards. The thing that really sucked was that I had JUST developed HPPD at the time, and the MDMA i had used was cut with meth, so there was a terrible withdrawal from that. Decided to smoke weed that night because I thought the MDMA trip would be better, but that's really what fucked me up because the paranoia had really kicked in, plus cotton mouth.. I'd call it cotton throat because I had no saliva all the way down my esophagus to about where my adam's apple was. Really was some terrifying shit. They refused to even give me an official statement on why I was fired except for my assistant manager told me i was "hallucinating at work". Fuck em. Went to the ER the same day of my firing because I thought I was going to die lol. I've only been working there for around a month so my health insurance hadn't kicked in yet. The total costs of my hospital bills ended up being 15,000 dollars. I'm currently 20 years old so i have no way of paying it off right now. RIP my credit. Right now my anxiety has been down around 85% since then. I still get tracers and visual snow, but they have been somewhat suppressed recently. Still sucks really bad having this condition... I can't smoke weed anymore, after becoming a huge stoner for the past 2 years or so. I hope one day I'll be able to smoke again without it feeling like I dropped 2 tabs of acid.
  2. I just lost my job for having it. I'm not sure if that's illegal but some useful information would help a lot
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