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  1. Hey, I am thinking about buying one of these glasses. Do you still recommend them?
  2. You cant be born with HPPD. But you can be born with Visual Snow Syndrome.
  3. I got my HPPD 1 month after my first acid trip. I stayed completely sober during that month. How is that even possibld?
  4. Yes, its possible for some but very unlikely. I know one person who legit told me that he has no symptoms after his second acid trip.
  5. Yeah, CEVs are less and DPDR is gone. Brain fog is gone too. But OEVs are still the same. I would consider my HPPD as gone when I finally stop seeing patterns and demons like I had on my bad trip. I dont really have Visual Snow, after images, tracers, trailling and the "typical" hppd symptoms. I will start risperidone next friday in combination with Keppra and see how it goes.
  6. I really want to stop seeing the patterns. I will give risperidone a shot
  7. This is a very important question for me. We all know that antipsychotics can make VS Symptoms worse. I dont have Visual Snow Syndrome symptoms. I am suffering from bad trip LSD visuals. I see patterns on the surface of objects. So could antipsychotics be useful for my HPPD? I doubt that antipsychotics can make hallucinations worse. But has anyone experience with that? Thank you very much.
  8. I am feeling really really good when I am on keppra. I take 250mg when I wake up and it knocks out my DP completely. It also kills the brain fog. I noticed a 30% reduction in CEVs so far. When Keppra starts to wear off I notice an increase in DP. I Guess I have to take the second pill earlier. I am on 500mg and I will add 250mg every 2 weeks until I reach 2000mg or when I will start noticing side effects. So far I dont notice any side effects anymore unless feeling awesome is a side effect. I have hppd for only 3 months. I think with enough time, healthy lifestyle(keto) and the keppra treatment it can go away completely.
  9. I am noticing a significant reduction in CEVs and a bit keppra rage. But thats ok.
  10. 3 days 250mg. Today i will supplement with xanax. No changes so far
  11. Hey guys, I personally have mild hppd for 2 and a half month and today I will start my Keppra medication. Brand name Keppra. I am taking 250mg daily and will increase the dosage to 1500mg over the course of the next months. Maybe I will go for 2000mg or 3000mg in the long run. I will write an update whenever I feel my symptoms decreased.
  12. Would you explain why? Now we have meds like keppra and lamictal which can decrease symptoms significantly and sometimes even cure hppd. I am just wondering.
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