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  1. I would not be on this forum if I did not know what hppd is mu addiction specialist psychiatrist diagnosed me if I was truly schizophrenic I would not be on this forum before telling me I don't know what I'm talking about do some research on hppd and how it triggers other psychotic disorders remove me from this website all my data I am not going to participate in amateur hour do you think I am who? This is the business of nonchalance

  2. I am probably going to be read the riot act for this but I recently visited Colorado and purchased a low thc content indica strain and that by only taking two or three hits I was calm relaxed and got a good nights sleep my doctors are fully aware of my experimenting with marijuana I would recommend consulting your doctor before trying anything and would recommend getting medical or purchasing it legally as street drugs are not safe never use street drugs if you're seeking actual help but again I live where marijuana is still illegal so I do not use it unless I go to a state where it is ALWAYS CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TAKING ANYTHING this is not PROFESSIONAL ADVICE I AM A PATIENT NOT A DOCTOR

  3. I am in the process of divorcing myself from my family and moving to another state to start a new life and it was my own decision nobody helped me with this decision however they are trying to stop me and make me believe that I need them and cannot be self sufficient and independent I no longer believe the lies I seek my truth and my beliefs in live it is mine not yours mine. It is my blood family I have never been married and have no children

  4. I would be willing to participate however I will not participate in anything that has a profit motive and I will remain anonymous I will do anything I can to help others but I do not want anything in return if I truly want to help others I must not do it for money or any other self serving motive I have been living with HPPD for 20 some years and have been diagnosed as bipolar and found that doctors have not been helpful nor truthful refusing to treat me for anxiety my number 1 enemy in life it was not til I found an addiction specialist who got me off my path of destruction with drugs and alcohol that I am now aware of the true cause of my symptoms I am 4 months clean and sober and seeking the truth if I can be of help I will

  5. Hello I have been on the trip from hell for 26 years I experience visual hallucinations as well as extreme paranoia delusions such as the TV people are reading my mind or the dog is trying to communicate with me and the constant feeling of being watched I am completely open and honest about my symptoms I seek the truth I am tired of mind games and people deliberately trying to confuse me with deception

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