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  1. If you don't know what your talking about if your not a medical professional don't try to diagnose me I did lots lots of acid my symptoms did not start until I had a bad trip I remember the trip vividly I have been under the care of psychiatrist and therapist ever since my pet peeve is people who think they know something if Ithink I don't know if know I don't think

  2. I am an artist in love with nature I find writing poetry and songs taking pictures and painting is great outlet for my insanityFB_IMG_1548525047999.jpg.91ac83b0dc238a8e85f80ffdadd800e4.jpg

    1. Jagermeister


      WTF are you saying? :S


      @Jay1 why this guy is saying whore to Missjess? :S

    2. Kleine


      Ich bin verrückt, ich habe keine Ahnung

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