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  1. Wondering if anybody knows the ramifications of taking Benzos short term. For example, if I travel on vacation (or holiday as some would say) for a week or two and want to be less distracted with my symptoms during that time, are symptoms known to spike after stopping again? I’m well aware Of the withdrawal risks but am curious about the direct correlation of symptoms after stopping having been on them for such a short time.
  2. I’ve found since a bad flare up that all my symptoms are 100x more sensitive with sleep than before, and since I’m convinced it all ties in with the neck in my case, if I do about 30 min worth of a stretching and rolling Routine along with sitting under red light that it’s all slightly less. Maybe if you can string together some good sleep it will all return to normal for you. I also remember hearing someone talking about how an earthpulse device helped them which I’d love to try.
  3. For the past two days of woken up with an intense honeycomb pattern covering my vision... wtf! Any ideas anyone? this would all make sense if I could pinpoint it to something but I can’t.
  4. Yeah, I’ve pretty much ruled out/solved every possible thing besides the neck and back problems which is why I’m convinced it’s that. I agree with it being strange, as it isn’t just my symptoms getting worse, but new ones entirely.
  5. Had this for over 6 years, and it only got better with time to the point I was living a normal life, was able to consume alcohol and caffeine with no affect on symptoms. over the summer my symptoms got way worse out of nowhere, this was during a time where my work schedule didn’t allow for consistent sleep, And symptoms steadily got worse along with a plethora of new symptoms including constant migraine auras and pulsating vision, seeing veins in the eyes, daytime tracers, which I never used to get even on my worst days. Also the faces I see are 1000 times worse, the fuckin faces man.
  6. Hi, So I developed this whole thing 6 years ago when I was 17, now I’m 23 A summer of multiple trips on mushrooms and then a strong trip of 3 hits of acid that left me extremely terrified. My biggest problem was seeing thousands of faces in everything, which started from seeing some scary looking ones while tripping. After the LSD, I didn’t fully come down for sometime and developed all the typical symptoms of HPPD (visual snow, tinnitus, etc.). I swore off all drugs and subtances of any kind for months, and within the first year really did nothing but drink rarely, which
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