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  1. Thanks for commenting, this is really helpful. I’ll just wait it out a few months and see if it gets any better. Also I’m not sure about the visual snow thing since my normal vision has always been kind of static, but I haven’t noticed a change since I took acid so I’m guessing it’s just normal.
  2. Yeah, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had it for my entire life so I don’t really see it as a symptom of anything.
  3. I took LSD when I was 15 (6 months ago) in a bad environment on my own and had a pretty bad time. A few months ago I had a few puffs of a joint and my brain just clicked and i saw huge geometrical patterns ingrained into the ground, goblins dancing and heard laughter and people talking and just felt very aware and alert. It lasted until I fell asleep and I could also feel a hand rubbing my head. Every now and then I see these huge snowflake patterns ingrained in surfaces and have the same alert mindset I had on acid. I also see someone’s shadow out of the corner of my eye pretty often and stuff like that. I was at a festival last week and had a bit of mandy the first night and hallucinated a few hours later and the next two nights I saw the same in the evenings (I was drinking lightly the last two days). Everyone was smoking weed so the smell have caused it too?? I find it hard to sleep because it feels like objects in my room are watching me and might hurt me and the room just has a dark energy. I wake up a lot because I hear clap sounds. If I go out anywhere alone then I’ll start dissociating after a few minutes and often feel like someone’s following me and the trees just feel like they’re alive and watching me. The floor also moves as if it’s breathing a lot. I’ve dissociated a lot in the past because I have depression and social anxiety as well as trauma so that might be part of it. Does this sound like HPPD?
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