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  1. Oh yes! Being really ill can definitely bring back hppd symptoms! From my experience I thought I had beaten my hppd and lived hppd symptom free for a few years, then out of nowhere I was struck with the flu and had a bad fever and ever since then I’ve had my hppd symptoms return. It was absolutely horrifying to me to find out that sickness could bring these symptoms back. I thought as long as I stayed away from drugs I would be good for life but I was completely wrong. Now I take better care of myself. I make sure I am very hygienic to avoid other possible illnesses and try to exercise and eat healthier. I guess once you have had a history of hppd there’s no telling what can bring it back. The only real thing you can do is just try to live as healthy as possible.
  2. From my experiences with hppd the only real cure is time and avoiding getting high. With time, it’s like your brain rebuilds itself making the hppd symptoms more mild. But it is a process and takes time, you will definitely have to be patient it doesn’t happen over night. It can take even years to finally start feeling like a normal person again.
  3. I had a relapse after getting really ill with fever. I was on like 3 different medications. There was only 2 things that I feel that could have caused my relapse, either the medications or the fever. After this, I’m never taking medication again and I’ll be trying to stay healthier to avoid any illness. These are the only things I can do to make sure I do not have another relapse in the future. It’s like starting all over again. I never thought you could have relapses without tripping again. This was only in mind as a psychedelic side effect only and as long as you didn’t trip again on any drug you would be fine. Well, I was wrong! Now I feel like I have to watch my back with anything I come in contact with.
  4. Has anyone had their visual snow go away or diminish over time? I actually feel like mine has gotten worse and I’m not sure if this is normal. Was it heavy or mild? Mine is pretty heavy at the moment.
  5. Jjjj

    Hppd flare up?

    Thank you for your reply. I’m just as confused as you are on why I had a relapse completely out of nowhere after getting sick. At this point, I think it may had something to do with how sick I got and it might have made my body very weak causing my mental state to become weak as well. That was the most ill I’ve ever been in my life and it really knocked me out for a few weeks. Prior to this happening I have used other medications and never had any side effects to even come close to this. And no I have not had a physical since I was sick but I am thinking of making a drs appointment soon to rule out any other causes for this. It just feels like my whole life is a haze or even dream like. My thoughts are so unorganized and I have also lost sense of time and days because of my symptoms. I will keep in mind to take care of myself more and see if there is any improvement.
  6. Jjjj

    HPPD Relapse

    Can you give us an update on how you are feeling now?? Have any of the symptoms gotten better??
  7. Hello, When I was teenager I had some experiences with weed and synthetic weed. I was not a chronic user. I probably got high about 5 times at most with each. After smoking what I think was laced weed I started to experience hppd from that next day on. I dealt with it for about 1-2 years and noticed it greatly diminished to the point where I didn’t even know what hppd felt like anymore. Every now and then I would get a little panicky but most of the effects were gone. Well after about 6 years I got struck with a really bad flu and was prescribed some antibiotics and the generic brand for tamiflu. One day as the flu symptoms went away I literally woke up feeling hppd all over again as hard as the first time around. It felt like I was doing drugs all over again. Now I’m left with the confusion of how it resurfaced without recent illicit drug use. Now I’m battling hppd all over again and my symptoms have caused severe anxiety and depression. For a while it seemed to be getting a bit better but somehow the anxiety got a hold of me a bit stronger and I am back to the beginning of it. I’m having constant visuals, after images, ghosting, and I have a really hard time concentrating on things or even remembering things because of how I feel. I also noticed a big increase in visual snow. Has anyone had a flare up similar to this?? Or has anyone had it more than once and got it to go away again?? What should I do in my condition?? Any advice? Is there hope for me? I thought I had defeated this and now that I am experiencing this again it has completely made me second guess my whole life. I am also starting to have suicidal thoughts. Should I just hang in there and see if time will help? At this point idk what to do and need help. (Btw this happened in February of 2018 it is now July 2019 and I’m still struggling)
  8. Jjjj

    HPPD Relapse

    I have almost the exact same story. I had hppd really bad in 2012. Over the course of several years it greatly diminished to the point where I didn’t even remember what hppd felt like anymore. Recently, I was struck with a really bad flu and after taking tamiflu and antibiotics I woke up one day feeling the exact same way I did back in 2012. It was hell. I had extreme anxiety and all those feelings came flooding back. I also had extreme negative thoughts about my life. Literally everything you described I felt the exact same way. I’m just trying to think positive and think that if I had almost defeated it in the past why can’t I do it again? After having my experience and now reading yours, I believe there was something in those drugs that our brains didn’t react well too. After all, they are prescribed for a reason and not over the counter. Stay strong, I hope this too will pass. But after this I’m definitely staying away from all drugs period unless their over the counter.
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