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  1. Hi, my name is Fernando, I'm from Argentina. 3 weeks ago I had an 'incident' with a marihuana brownie. I ate 2 slices, it was the first time I tried marihuana in brownies (I smoked sometimes in the week). An hour later, I had delirant ideas coming to me (fear, despersonlization, bad thoughts, fear to lose control). I was in a constant loop of fear during 3 hours. I had visual allucinations (red lines and dots). After the incident, I spent a week feeling afraid of everything, and with 2 panic attacks. I started therapy, and I'm feeling better now. However, I still think that I have any visual disorder since the incident. The lights seems more bright, and when I look around the light I see a kind of "waves". I dont know if its HPPD or just paying more attention to those details that I didnt see before. Should I go to an eye specialist? Thank you for reading.
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