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  1. im pretty sure none of the psychiatrists where i live would prescribe me with zopiclone even if i told them i get 100 panic attacks a day. they wouldn't even prescribe me xanax i believe i have lexotanil which is also a benzo but moderate about therapist yeah im actually in the proccess of finding one
  2. also i feel like getting completely drunk wasted today can that make hppd worse long term. visual wise
  3. yeah thats why ill keep of any meds. or at least use them in extreme cases. fingers crossed
  4. i guess u take zopiclone cause u have trouble sleeping ?
  5. feels better that i can relate to someone...today wope up with slight dp/dr which feels like a miracle since i was living a movie the past weeks
  6. has anybody else actually done this?
  7. Well basicly i've come to realise that i have had hppd since i did LSD and misdosed 2 years ago but since i was stoned 1.7 of these 2 years i never noticed until the dp/dr stroke. In other words i never paid attention to it because i was never sober and constantly doing something (when i say constantly i mean every single minute of my day ). The olanzapine i got prescribed for my dp/dr attacks and induced the lsd like panic attack probably made the whole thing like 10% worse but yeah look at me. i went from recovered to ill just because i got dp/dr attacks and stayed sober for 2 weeks and i can now identify every single distortion of my vision which brings me more anxiety and more fear of dp/dr. how is that...?
  8. Hmmm i still don't get it. So the antagonists like olanzapine , risperidone block the receptorst while the inverse-agonists try to re-adjust restore the settings of the receptors to default? XD Enlighten me tried to to some reserach on this but brain fog and shor term memory problems fuck me up
  9. Drugs ive used: 3 times LSD 3rd one being full out of body with ego death and all (2 years ago). Cant say was a bad trip though would rather say most amazing experience of my life. Lasted around 30 hours or 35. Looads and loads amounts of weed since then as well as before and during the trip. (stupid i know) Like MDMA once didn't even feel it. Salvia once very bad experience never affected me though. Cocaine like 10 times. After 2 years of the lsd trip i start having extreme anxiety and some panic attacks due to college stuff... Start re-experiencing some psychedelic feelings while on weed. I go to a psychiatrist tell her i am re-experiencing some lsd like psychedelic feelings and i get prescribed olanzapine while told "don't worry these ones will help you, you will be able to go to college on monday and continue your life". I take the olanzapine for like 3 days small dosages 2 times a day until she tells me to take 2 in the night. I take the 2 pills and in a matter of 20 minutes i have the same feeling of numbness at the back of my head just like when i took LSD. I have a full blown LSD like panic attack and end up in a psych clinic where they insist to give me more 5ht2a antagonists which i throw in the trash immediately and leave. And this is how i got mine... Since then i have 1) Floaters (very mild and rare though) 2) After Images (Pretty Moderate) 3) Trails (most annoying and most noticable) 4) Visual snow 5) Wavy like corners of objects 6) 2D Perception : Feel like im just experiencing images like a movie and not living in the 3D world ( I guess dr) 7) Anyways again DP/DR. Sometimes especially if im not on Lexotanil i feel like im ready to leave this reality or someting and go complete ego death 8 ) Bright colors that look alive 9) Halos especially around human heads but in all objects in general 10) Pattern recognition ( Not to the point where they move but to the point i find myself staring at them for 4-5 secs ) 11) Breathing surfaces ( very mild though ) Only becomes moderate if there is lots of light 12) Double vision not at all times though mostly if i leave the house Edit: forgot some of the most disturbing 13)Problems with time recognition ( but i guess thats included in the DR ) 14) Short term memory issues -- 12) Problems falling asleep 13) Very intense dreams which my mind seems to have hard time forgetting ( Since the olanzapine and lsd like panic attack day i remember like all of the dreams i had ) -- It has been 8 days since the olanzapine thingy and at this point i would be happiest person alive if only i could fall asleep in deep sleep and no dreams and at last have some rest. Even lexotanil (benzo moderate thought not xannax strong) which helps greatly with some visuals and dp/dr doesn'tseem to help me sleep well I take 0.5 morn, 0.5 lunch and 1 in the night... still cant fall asleep easily Also afraid of what im going to live/experience when i have to cut down on them since ill eventually have to ( tolerance ) I believe thats pretty much it
  10. Great so you need development of the website? coding? i know some html css jquery php javascript mysql. begginer level though but can use frameworks an stuff. or what? content? im willing to help just give me instructions in the end i need to keep occupied since i cant help but think of my hppd and dp/dr
  11. Well since my life seems to have so dramatically changed, i spend most of my time like a monk, and hours in front of my computer tell me any ways i could help
  12. Last week has been hell. Taking olanzapine which triggered an lsd panic attack and then hppd has been the worst decision of my life. I need something to relieve from DP/DR Please help....
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