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  1. Maybe you temporarily need some sort of benzodiazepines that'd help you to deal with the anxiety. I can also recommend, once again, temporarily, something like Zopiclone for sleep. Do you have a doctor you can talk to about your issues? You don't have to bring the HPPD up if it doesn't feel comfortable. Also, finding a therapist to talk to should help. I have two myself.
  2. Here is a short thread on alcohol:
  3. Most often alcohol has not made my visual symtpoms worse. I've gotten completely wasted a few times, but try to limit it anyway. Last week I had a glass of red wine and it seemed to make my symptoms worse, but that's the only time it has happened, so it could have been something else. Tried a glass yesterday and it had no effect. It might have to do with how alcohol affects the glutamate and GABA receptors in brain. Alcohol actually lowers glutamate and increases GABA which is supposedly exactly what people with HPPD need. But there are those that do get worse symptoms so be careful.
  4. I've been completely off Zopiclone past two months looking for my baseline. And back then I took two pills two nights while having problems sleeping. Before that it was beginning of February last time. So basically all of my meds past three months except for those two nights, and now yesterday then. So yeah, super careful. Been on too many meds in my life - have no idea how much they've messed up my brain and maybe made me more predisposable for HPPD.
  5. I've had trouble sleeping but not anymore. Now I took it to calm me down for it makes wonders with my anxiety, better than benzodiazepine, plus I have a prescription. But I am super careful. Don't want to get dependent on it which did happen last year. Getting off them is what made my HPPD 100x worse in just 4-5 days.
  6. We talk a lot about how different meds affect HPPD but I am starting to wonder if it has more to do with how different medications affect our anxiety and stress levels, and it is in turn that what actually worsens HPPD.
  7. It's a bumpy ride. My dp/dr got worse two days ago for the first time in eight weeks. And I am convinced it's related to me having more anxiety because of stress (was supposed to do a trip but cancelled it) and noticing slightly more visual snow. So back to relaxing. I actually took Zopiclone before bed yesterday and I definitely noticed less vs after that - but it could be the case of me just not having as much anxiety. Anxiety and HPPD is a really bad combo.
  8. Yeah, gone through the same thing recently: realizing I probably started developing symptoms from my first DOB trip back in 2016, but I was doing so much drugs back then, partying, dealing with anxiety and depression, being on meds and smoking weed that I just ignored anything weird going on as some sort of afterglow. Then when I went cold turkey with Zopiclone in December last year, my anxiety went up the roof and my symptoms exploded. So there are similarities. Getting hppd from drugs, then have it made worse by pharmaceuticals.
  9. @HalluciSofos How's it going?
  10. Got no experience of DMT but melatonin seems to make my HPPD worse. I get kaleidoscope like CEVs when rubbing my eyes. Starts with my Visual Snow going crazy, and then kaleidoscope/vortex like triangles. My 2 cents.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a strong correlation between VSS and HPPD, considering the similarities of the conditions. Not everyone with VSS do have all the other symptoms associated with VSS and not everyone with HPPD have all the symptoms associated with HPPD. I am speculating of course but considering the similarities, I get the feeling that the sort of neurological damage among (some at least) people with HPPD has gotten from drugs is something others are born with or develop later in life because of other conditions. Many people with VSS say they've gotten it from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. and I've also seen speculation that HPPD might be associated with PTSD, and therefore there could be a correlation there. My symptoms check of both VSS and HPPD symptom lists, but I am today convinced I do have HPPD after remembering some minor cases of "flashbacks" and hallucinations before developing VS, palinopsia, ghosting, halos, tinnitus, dp/dr, etc.
  12. Update: Had a glas of red wine today. My symptoms got worse this time. Guess skipping alcohol completely is the way to go ahead.
  13. Mornings are the worst for me too, in addition because I've had to deal with rough anxiety in the mornings since I've been a kid, that with HPPD got 10 times worse. Then as the day goes by it usually gets better. Until a few weeks ago I had for the past 5 months been waking up with that bad anxiety because I constantly worried, obsessed about all the symptoms. I changed my diet, stopped with all sugar and most carbs (started with keto and intermittent fasting), I stopped with all meds, started to focus on my health, forced myself even though I did not want to to start doing things I used to have interest for before everything bad started, and slowly it has gotten better (even though my most of my visuals are worse). Before going to sleep, in bed, I listen to audio books, which has been helping me a lot with not focusing on my visuals and falling asleep. Now I sleep better than I've done in a long time, even before HPPD. I wake up with almost no anxiety and that makes it so much easier to deal with negative thoughts and the obsession with the symptoms. I do notice though sometimes when I take cigarette number 4 or 5 during the day that same anxiety comes back. So completely quitting smoking is a must for me. Try to find your triggers. What makes you feel worse. Food, smokes, activities, other things and avoid them. I still have bad days, and I accept that. There will be bad days, but there will also be... better days. Never done any other supplement than CBD oil.
  14. You have to give it time. You have no idea where you are gonna be or how you are gonna feel in one week, or one month, or one year. I've had the exact same thoughts as you are having. How will I be able to do my job, how will I be able to take care of myself. I can only speak for myself but 2 months ago I managed to do 10 hours of work per week - I had severe dr/dp - comparing with half a year ago 40 hours. Now I am back at about 20-25 hours per week. How long will it last? No idea. But it can get better. And who will take care of me? No idea. My parents are elderly too, so I can't expect on them forever. Or my sister who has her own family. I have to push that thought away, because it's really destructive. Regarding dp/dr, I've experienced it long before I ever got HPPD, or even had done any drugs. First time when I was in the mid 20s, because of anxiety and panic attacks. Then it's come on and off for the past 15 yrs. There is an extremely strong correlation between anxiety, panic attacks and dp/dr. When you then add visual disturbances to the mix, it makes it even worse. There is a real possibility that could be the case for you, that it is actually your anxiety and panic attacks that are the driving force behind the dp/dr, not necessarily the HPPD. So you need to relax, try to put your mind other things, try to avoid obsessing about it. I know, it sounds like impossible and I though it was impossible just three weeks ago, but I am actually writing this now, and it can get better. Most people don't seem to have HPPD for life, remember that. But anxiety, different meds, unhealthy lifestyle seem to worsen it. Try to focus on good things for you, and try to not decide now how your entire future is gonna be. Fact is, you don't know. The only medication I would suggest you could try right now, temporarly, is some sort of benzodiazepine to help you get the anxiety in check and just see if that would then help you with the dp/dr. A lot of people also get help with their visuals from benzo.
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