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  1. I've seen many recommend it in these forums and other places, like Reddit. Though there are also examples of people getting worse symptoms from clonazepam.
  2. I've had a acupuncturer for several years, long before I developed any symptoms. Now that my symptoms have gone from bad to worse past months I've had a couple of interesting experiences with physical stimulation and my visual disturbances. Beginning of Mars I had pretty bad photophobia. During a treatment at my acupuncturer my eyes started flashing. I don't normally have this flashing but the treatment triggered it. He also noticed my third vertebrae was slightly out of place and recommended me to go see a chiropractor. So week after I saw one that gave me a treatment on the vertebrae. Later the same day my photophobia improved by 50 %. In comparison, the day before I was unable to do work in front of my laptop in the evening, the next day I was able to. After a few more treatments my photophobia has improved with 90 %. It could though also be correlated with me stopping with my pharmaceuticals about the same time but the change was so noticeable and closely correlated with the treatment. During my third chiropractor treatment I also saw glowing worms in my eye sight. Not something I've seen otherwise either. The treatments haven't helped me with any other symptoms (VS, palinopsia, floaters, tinnitus) this far but I still find it worth trying, because of the correlation. (I have a layman's theory on this, neck issues, TMJD, VS, CEVs that I'll post about in the forum in a day or two.)
  3. You have nothing to lose. Maybe contacting a doctor once you feel ready for it.
  4. I don't want to make you more worried but I think it is important to always talk all plausible possibilities of certain symptoms so people with HPPD can get proper treatment. When I saw your pictures and also some of the things you said you experience actually made me think of schizophrenia. But there are also a lot of other symptoms related to schizophrenia so it really does not have to have anything to do with it but who knows what psychedelics might sometimes trigger. Maybe there could be something there for you to further investigate, and maybe even find something that could help you out with the violent imagery. Or maybe not. I am just a layman so take my feedback as it is.
  5. Panic attacks/anxiety can in return create dp/dr. I have a long history of it already before hppd.
  6. This seems to have been the case for me. Used a lot of Zopiclone last year, almost every night to be able to sleep because of bad stress and anxiety. It calmed me down and made it possible to sleep. My visual symptoms slowly got worse and towards end of last year I started getting CEVs in the mornings and decided go cold turkey. Until then I only had slowly progressing visual snow during night time, diplopia, pattern glare, and some tinnitus. Now it just exploded. Suddenly I got visual snow day time, constant diplopia, palinopsia - both positive and negative, floaters, photophobia, bad tinnitus, etc. A couple of months later my photohobia improved 95%, palinopsia improved - almost no positive after images, and the CEVs were gone. Some things definitely got better after being off Zopiclone completely, but the palinopsia has once again been getting worse and the CEVs have come back, even though it's more rare. Find your baseline. Get off everything, even caffeine and nicotine.
  7. I always feel worse in the morning with my symptoms. If they actually are worse or that I am more aware of them is hard for me to say, but objectively I tend to think I have more static, after images in the morning, that then tend to get better later during the day. But, if I don't sleep enough it becomes worse the longer the day goes.
  8. Since no one else has responded I'll give you my two cents. I am really a beginner in this myself but have read a lot so you'll just have to take it for what it is. I know one of the more frustrating things is the need to communicate with others that are going through this and not being able to, so that's why I am replying. My Visual Snow Syndrome/HPPD started about 14 months ago, with some minor visual distorsions. Hadn't done any other drugs but cannabis - been a heavy smoker for the past 4-5 years - for about a 6 months before that. Also been on different anti-depressants, benzos, sleeping pills. About 1.5 yrs before my symptoms started I had done loads of psychedelics, ketamine, speed, MDMA, etc. So it's impossible for me to say what has triggered my symptoms, since I've done so many different things, but the question was if meth and cannabis could trigger HPPD? I would say definitely. You might get VSS/HPPD. Cannabis use seems to be very common among those that have VSS, even though it supposedly is not a key indicator, while some research says it is. For me I just think it is a mix of a lot of different things. A lot of bad stress, bad mental health, drugs, pharmaceuticals, etc. 1. Staying of drugs and really any substances, like meds, nicotine, caffeine seems to heal some people up. 2. I drive. Have to be careful during low light conditions though. 3. Impossible to say. Stay clean, stay healthy, focus on activities, that's what helps me. Got a bit of OCD so keeping my mind off this is really hard, so I am thinking that the best thing for me is to try help others in a similar situation as me. Another good recommendation is to try to find your baseline. It motivates you to live healthy.
  9. @Jay1 @you_are_worthy MDMA (and cannabis) defintely helped me overcome a lot of my issues with PTSD that I've had for 25 yrs but that the consequence has been VS/HPPD has impacted my life now even more negatively. There is a lot of potential in these drugs to treat different kind of mental health issues but obviously for some of us there are some major risks associated with it.
  10. I used to eat Zopiclone and it makes my symptoms worse. Zolpidem is quite similar to Zopiclone.
  11. I am a skilled web developer, 20+ yrs experience. I also run my own company, I am partner in another one and have some board experience. I've also worked a bit with harm reduction a few years ago, and was about to start an organization for that, but yeah... then life screwed me. I might be interested in helping out.
  12. Lamictal had zero effect for me. Rather, my VS started developing when I started Lamictal 1,5 yrs ago (for bipolar disorder and depression). If it is correlated to that, I can't say though.
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