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  1. I got my HPPD from nBOME as a disclaimer. the only real shitty symptoms that interfere with my life are sudden flashbacks if I’m sleep deprived. It’s making me reconsider my path to med school since sleep loss is basically mandatory even though the flashbacks are rare (happens maybe once every 2 months, it’s been less common as time goes by so hopefully it’ll phase out). Other than that, I’ve gotten used to everything else. The anxiety I used to have is unnoticeable, as are the visuals and thought loops. This doesn’t mean they’re gone, it just means that I have to focus on them for them to be relevant, it’s as if I’m ignoring them and putting them into the background.
  2. Just to clarify, the protocol is fully developed? If so, that’s amazing. I’m a bit skeptic though since each drug causes different types of HPPD. I got mine from nBOME, and it seems like the effects and severity are different from HPPD from other drugs. It makes me wonder whether or not this research protocol will help me, although any research on finding a cure or better treatment is always welcomed. Do you have a timeframe for how long it may take for the research protocol to be released/worked on? I’d be willing to do anything I could to help, although there isn’t much I can do immediately besides raise awareness since I’m a freshman in college.
  3. I drank 3 shots of 7% alcohol at a friend's place 2 days ago (not a smart thing to do since I have HPPD but I wanted to see if a small amount of alcohol would cause problems), resulting in me feeling mentally foggy and 'out of it' compared to my usual self. My visuals are slightly more noticeable as well, but it's nothing debilitating. I expected to be fine after drinking such a small amount of low-percentage alcohol since I had drunk whiskey on a plane about 2-3 weeks prior and had no noticeable issues later on. That isn't the main issue though. In the past 2 days, I've experienced a special type of flashback. Instead of visuals, my thigh muscles and head feel like they did when I was tripping, which I can only describe as slow-motion, warm and tingly. I'm wondering if anyone else has symptoms like this, and if so, what kind of drug did you take? I feel like the more details we document on this site, the better our chances of finding treatments for our symptoms based on a case by case basis. My HPPD first started from either acid or nBOME (I'm more inclined to think it was nBOME because of the harshness in the experience, don't try that stuff), and the symptom I've described above occurred once or twice after I took smaller hits of the same kind of 'acid' prior to my HPPD truly beginning. After my HPPD began, it happened maybe 1-4 times a week but slowed down until its eventual stop a few months later. I hope this information is helpful to anyone that has taken nBOME or anything similar. Feel free to ask any questions or relay information, I plan on checking this website routinely. PS: Lay off all the substances, it's so much easier to deal with HPPD and the risk isn't worth rebounding as Jay has mentioned in previous posts. Even alcohol has the potential for worsening symptoms so be careful out there.
  4. Hey everyone, I’m currently in India on a trip with family that’s partly for graduating high school, but mostly for getting medical tests done. I told my parents that I didn’t know what I could get done to find out how my brain changed after my OD on nBOME, but they told me that they’d try to get some brain scans and blood tests to see if there were any changes or permanent damage. Are there any medical tests that would pick up on my HPPD?
  5. Hey everyone! I’ve had HPPD for a little under a year now (OD’d in early August), I’m pretty lucky considering that the drug I took was nBOME and HPPD is all that I have as a long term sideeffect. This was the second time I took this drug, and I didn’t take it knowing it was nBOME though I suspected it was. I’m an 18 year old and I’ve had HPPD since I was 17. After my first trip on this drug (1 tab) I experienced very minor HPPD, I had no noticeable personality changes and the only thing that really happened was an isolated feeling of tripping in my left thigh (very weird). It didn’t bug me at all and it was actually kind of pleasant to feel. It occurred fairly rarely, about only once or twice a week. My second trip was hell. I popped 3 tabs into my mouth, pulled up some anime, and waited in my bed at 8 pm for it to hit. It was extremely overwhelming for around 2 hours at the peak. I remember that I forgot how society worked, I forgot that real life was a thing and I just basically went crazy for a bit. Eventually, I hit a point where I made the sudden realization that after death, I would cease to exist. Coming to terms with that at the peak of my trip really fucked me up, and it took quite a bit of time to get over it. After my trip, I entered a state of psychosis. I couldn’t sleep and just felt like absolute shit. The trip not ending when it should have initiated the psychotic state and I ended up having to tell my parents that I just took drugs. I finally fell asleep after around 30 hours from when I initially took the drug. Recovery was greatly aided by an electrolyte drink my dad got from CVS. After that time I felt pretty weird, I didn’t enjoy anything for some reason and brain felt really numb. Food tasted off, I didn’t enjoy listening to music that I loved before and watching tv was boring. I also felt like my personality went kind of blank. To fix that, I watched a YouTube channel called JK news, the hosts on there are pretty vibrant and it helped stimulate human contact so I could get the hang of it again before talking to friends. slowly but surely my brain has reached a level where I have minor visual issues that are unnoticeable when I get enough sleep. I find that drinking caffeine makes my symptoms more pronounced as well, so I’ve cut off drinking energy drinks to handle school and instead push myself to stay up if I need to. I remember trying to smoke weed to see if it would mess with my brain back in December (4 months after OD) and sure enough it gave me heavy brain fog and I noticed changes in my personality. as of right now, I feel pretty alright. HPPD hasn’t been as much of a nuisance in my life except for the very rare moments when I’ll stay up til 2 am studying for a test and start tripping heavily. I’m still able to do high level work, my class load of organic chemistry, calculus 4, differential equations, etc in my senior year of high school isn’t impaired by my HPPD and I’ve found that it’s been a huge incentive for me to live my life in a healthier manner. I’ve been sober ever since I smoked weed in December. To anyone that’s suffering and thinks that things won’t get better, they will. Time helps heal the brain. I went from feeling like my brain was fried to succeeding in all my hard courses while maintaining a good social life. Of course, I’m still looking for a way to eliminate my restrictions (caffeine, sleep, etc.), but life is still fulfilling. HPPD has made me more aware of how my brain functions in that I analyze things with much more awareness, which has its pros and cons but it’s still an overall bonus. Don’t let this condition keep you from achieveing your goals and dreams. I’d like to become a member of this forum since you guys are the only other people I know of that suffer from this. I plan on going into medschool and would like to become a neurosurgeon, maybe neurologist down the road if I can’t do surgery while sleep deprived. I’m hoping to start research into HPPD and will do everything I can to find out what happened and how to fix it.
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