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  1. Hey, no not ever, I mean just since the baby. I have tried acid once and mdna multiple times growing up. Never had any issues after though. I am currently on codeine for a hand operation and weirdly have not overly noticed any of these symptoms, I'm probably too high or it helps aha. But obviously this is just for the week as it heals and my anxiety is low due to it. I know anxiety absolutely heightens everything.
  2. No they disappear when I look at them so I'm only seeing them in my peripheral vision. The only reason I'm leanng towards this is because the first time I experienced them was on that drug. I didn't have fear as I was high then. Sometimes the dots are coloured or like sparkles but usually black. It's so scary when I over think. I'm probably the only person on this sight wanting a hppd diagnoses, but if I knew it was that I could work on healing. I feel so guilty on my baby as my anxiety hinders me at times
  3. No I have floaters too and I can tell the difference. Sometimes Ill get one larger black hole in my vision. It's so scary and doctors just fobe me off with migraines but it seems to be getting worse. Also have good and bad days for example I am sick at the moment have seen a larges black dot when I looked at the wall but when I stare into it it goes away. Really getting me down
  4. I took what I thought was cocaine but I'm pretty sure it was laced with something as we were all out of it. This was in March. During that I started seeing black dots in my peripheral vision. I still see them upon wakening and randomly on white walls. My other symptons are visual snow, after images, I've seen breathing walls, coloured specks and flashing dots. I have also seen like a smokey thing a few times. Benzos help prescribed by the doctor. I have extreme anxiety. My eyes have been tested multiple times and I am waiting for neurology. But if nothings found is this hppd? Especially when the dots started during the trip? My doctor just claims its a typical migraines. Oh and geometrical shapes and sometimes faces. If I knew for certain there wasn't something more sinister going on, I think I'd be less anxious. Anyone anything similar to the black dots and geometric shapes? Thanks, 27, female, mother (idiot I know) and terrified.
  5. I get these too. Waiting on an mri but I doubt anything will be found. Did you cure the dots
  6. I also get this black, I've had it a few times. Hope we get better soon
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