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  1. my attention span and ability to focus has been severely hindered with hppd. I almost feel like a dummy barely making my way through day to day life. Trouble forming thoughts and sentences , trouble reading , trouble even walking sometimes. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow and will hopefully get some help or relief . You are not alone my friend. Prayers and love.
  2. I’ve been dealing with HPPD for about 5 years now. I got hppd from smoking synthetic cannibinoids from age 14 to 16. Then when I was 17 - 20, knowing something wasn’t right with my mental health, I continued drug use by taking LSD about 8 times , mushrooms 4 times , and Ecstasy about 4 times and smoking pot everyday multiple times a day for about 5 years. I understand my decisions weren’t wise considering I knew something was wrong. But honestly I was taking more drugs to numb myself from the feeling I was having sober. I tried telling family that I felt stuck in an lsd trip permanently. My fa
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