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  1. @MadDoc @Jay1 thank you both, your support and kindness means a lot right now. And @Jay1 I'm with you there--I work in mental health and was thrilled to hear about the success rates of these therapies, but I haven't seen HPPD or other lingering effects get much airtime at all. Looks like we have more work to do around harm reduction...
  2. Hey @Natalie87 I'm new here, also due to a one-time MDMA dose. How are you doing?
  3. Hi all, Twelve days ago, I (33yo male) took 150mg + 60mg MDMA in a therapeutic setting. Over the next couple days, I started to notice increased light sensitivity, visual snow, afterimages, and shimmering of fine patters. Reading is more difficult, and I have started to develop symptoms of panic. This was my first experience with MDMA and HPPD symptoms. I have smoked weed twice in my life and took a small dose of psilocybin truffles once, and neither time had symptoms. What do you think my chances of recovery are? I know there's no straight answer but you all seem to have some experience. Looking for support, compassion, and any advice you'd like to give. I plan to abstain from all drugs indefinitely. Thanks, sending good vibes to you all 🙏
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