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  1. Am I to stop using drugs because of it bringing the symptoms of HPPD out more while I'm high or does it actually make sober me worse too?
  2. And just to note, I have slowed down smoking and am in the act of trying to stop completely. And also the entire time frame of this started in January when I first tried it.
  3. Hey guys I am completely new to this website and psychs in general, but I have been experiencing some symptoms of hppd and I think I could use some advice. I have taken LSD probably 6 times over the course of about 2 months. I took my first tab about 2 weeks before I "got into it" you could say. I tried it again about 2 weeks after the first time and then again later the next week after that. The next week after I had taken LSD twice in one week. Took a break for a week and a half or so then did it again. Then again 3-4 days later. Very irresponsibly, yes I know. That might have been confusing to read but the main point is that I did it probably too much in a short period of time. At least for someone that is new to it. I am 17 now, was 16 when started experimenting with LSD, and I do have prior mental health issues. Including depression, anxiety, and not fully diagnosed ongoing psychosis. I am a very heavy weed smoker and have been for months. It helps with pretty much everything, the depression /anxiety /psychosis. Now to get into the symptoms and what actually happened. Pls help About a couple of weeks after this I started noticing when I smoked i seemed like I was tripping, not the feeling but definitely the colors being vibrant and if I were really baked I could get a tiny bit of visuals. That went on for a while and it didn't bother me, I actually kind of enjoyed it. Didn't stop smoking even one day. And it started to get stronger over the next couple following weeks. It has only been a month since that last cluster of LSD I dropped. And now it has gotten to the point where if I smoke, it feels like I have taken at least 2 tabs. And when sober I have visual snow, and floaters, ATLEAST. When looking at things with patterns or a lot of texture mixed with the visual snow it is definitely too much. All of this has happened very fast and that's more the point of what is scary to me. I hear about HPPD coming on slowly, maybe months after your LSD dose, on top of heavy weed smoking making that worse. But mine has just happened so fast and that is one of my highest concerns. I have been researching about HPPD and all of my symptoms as much as I possibly can. Maybe you guys will be able to help me out or maybe I just fucked myself. And just to note I have never had a "bad trip" and all of my experiences with LSD have been positive, well of course other than what came after wards.
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