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  1. Just received a reply from King's College saying that unfortunately they cannot consider me eligible for their recent studies because I'm not from the UK. So for the UK people here, if you like to participate in their recent studies on visual snow, please contact them or send them your questionnaire: http://eyeonvision.org/visual-snow.html I'm sure they're more than happy to drum up some support.
  2. That’s exactly what I find mind boggling, too. There must have been way more awareness in psychedelic circles such as MAPS, or even around Timothy Leary or Terence McKenna back then about HPPD than they actually pretend but they collectively chose rather not to talk about it. You can barely find references in the footnotes. I understand it’s been a rough road for MAPS to get where they are today, which is a huge succes story, and then it’s just the way politics work, they don’t want to admit flaws, the war on drugs is still going on, and people seek spiritaulity and try to compensate their materialistic lives more than ever, so there is huge finacial potential as well. But while all this hype around psychedelics, sorry “plant medicine”, is going on, I just hope MAPS considers telling the whole story and puts some effort into research on the dangers just as much.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Do you know if symptoms tend to come back after stopping Keppra? In other words, is it a treatment or a cure? May I also ask you how you would assess the improvement of your symptoms? Is it close to a 100%?
  4. I assume my question has been discussed already, it's just a ton to read through, so sorry for being impudent. But may I just ask (again) if anybody has found anything really effective, non-addictive and if possible without or with low side effects against brain fog and helping with social anxiety? I read that Keppra is effective for quite some people here but when looking up on the web users tend to have a variety of heavy side effects.
  5. just wondering if we are still talking financial issues: https://www.visualsnowinitiative.org/featured/visual-snow-initiative-raises-100000-for-visual-snow-research-at-kings-college-london/ as far as i understand the visual snow initiative raised enough cash for the next research period, right? does anybody have news on how far they are or how much more money is needed?
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