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  1. ramaradiego


    So the best advice its stay away of drugs but lamotrigine, xanax keppra etc etc counts in this definition. This drugs (lamotrigine, xanax keppra) delay the recovery?
  2. ramaradiego

    100% cured

    @MadDoc YEP, I thought was the end of the world.
  3. ramaradiego

    100% cured

    thanks for the info bro! I have hppd since june 3 2018 after a bad trip (on 25I-NBOMe) related to a volcano eruption in my country Guatemala since then nothing was the same but maybe someday I could find the cure, sorry for my english lol.
  4. ramaradiego

    100% cured

    just a question, there is a success story (100% cured) in the history of HPPD? someone that healed completely? sorry for my english lol
  5. its true that some people cure their HPPD using Psychedelic drug again(after got hppd)?

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