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  1. oneofmymistakes

    Flashback from Marijuana

    It’s been nearly 3 weeks since i’ve consumed any THC and i just had my flashback and honestly it’s like all the progress from my HPPD has been thrown away. the static is literally worse now straight lines don’t even look straight anymore how it was when i was last high and honestly i’m extremely upset. I just now coped with the fact I had HPPD
  2. oneofmymistakes

    Medication Advice

    Also i just got a AKG done since my heart hasn’t been doing well since the last time i’ve consumed cannabis and i’m probably gonna be prescribed medicine for that too. i just wanna know what drugs to stay away from and drugs that won’t affect me
  3. oneofmymistakes

    Medication Advice

    Since i’m suppose to be drug free from now developing HPPD i’ve recently have been prescribed Vitamin D supplement and other prescriptions for low iron. i want to know would that effect my symptoms or not
  4. oneofmymistakes

    3 weeks and it's pretty much gone

    @Hppdman22 yea i mostly use snapchat and instagram but honestly i’m not ready to tell my parents they’re both closed minded people and don’t really care to understand some of the emotions i go through
  5. oneofmymistakes

    3 weeks and it's pretty much gone

    @MadDoc yea i’ve noticed that i’ve been forgetting that i even have HPPD when i’m doing stuff i feel like i’m normal again and don’t really see the static. i’m currently taking melatonin 3-2 times a week. i wonder would it make me relax more and get use to it. I’ve recently have been diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder so this is even harder than i thought it would be
  6. oneofmymistakes

    3 weeks and it's pretty much gone

    I know i shouldn’t be using drugs at this age but i’m 15 and i took my first edible nearly two weeks ago and i had a bad trip to the point i was hyperventilating and blacking out. i didn’t really see any of the symptoms of HPPD until the second time i got high off a few hits on a pen. every since then i stopped. I told my friends about this and they suspect my weed was laced but i think i would have known if it was and if so why didn’t my friend trip like i did. anyways i just wanna know how to make this better by myself before i could involve my parents

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