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  1. Hey all, I need help. I just got prescribed Sinemet 100/25 and I am very tense, irritable and I feel overall confusion. It's like my adhd was put on steroids ! I struggle to type this... Is this normal ? Is there an adaptation period or is this medication just not for me ? I have important things to do in the upcoming weeks...
  2. Hey all, One thing that has been consistent since those 2 years of dealing with HPPD is that the longer since I woke up the better I feel. Some days I almost feel normal on the evening. But the mornings are always awful. Has any of you also felt that sleeping seems to worsen symptoms of HPPD ? I'd be interested on hearing what you guys have to say on this subject. Let me end by wishing you strength on dealing with this shit.
  3. Hey guys, I have HPPD since a just little more than 2 years now (happy birthday to it), and the symptom that get in the way of living a normal life the most is pressure in head and around the eyes(my vision is foggy according to how much pressure I feel, the rare moments when I have no pressure my vision is clear) Ofc I did all the classic exams which all came back fine lol. I would like to know how many of you have this too ? And have you found some ways to relieve this ? So far only caffeine proved to be helpful to an extent I don't mean this to disrespect people who have "only" visual symptoms but I could live with them if I didn't had this constant pressure in my face
  4. Lucas

    This is

    Dude sorry for your mom I have exactly the same thing since 2 years too ! Glad to see I'm not the only one dealing with headache and blurred vision I hope we will find a way back to our lives together
  5. You did nutmeg too and you feel pqin around the eyes ???
  6. I tried Alpha GPC Choline and CDP Choline whit no real effect but I will tale them again along with Lion's Mane as some people saw improvement from it
  7. Hey, I have those skins problems, seborrheic dermatitis which I think are auto-immune. My HPPD worsened a LOT when I took nutmeg whic is an anticholinergic and I too now have pain in my face 24/7 which seems to be link to contraction of whatever is in there. I just found this forum and I hope we can together find how we can get our lives back.
  8. Hey all, my name is Lucas and I'm french, I'm 22 years old. I started doing psychedelics 4 years ago, but if I remember correctly it's an heavy period of MDMA/Ectsasy use that earned me HPPD. It was nothing too spectacular, visual snow + halos around lights, I thought nothing about it. It worsened when I took drugs and got better when I didn't for a while. Really not that much of a problem. But 2 years ago I did nutmeg just to see what was the effect of it, i took a fair amount (about 2 little bottle of grounded numteg). Since this day nothing has ever been like before. My HPPD worsened a lot, I know have strong afterimages, strong visual snow, blurry vision, eyes and mouth dryness, memory issues, reading is more difficult and also I have a lingering pain in, between, and around the eyes. It's debilitating.It ruins my life. I can do with all this shit but the pain is too much, it's 24/7 since 2 years. Of course like many I think, I did all the exams in the world, which you guessed it all came back fine. It's only since recently that I started to make the connection between HPPD and my symptoms, I know usually people don't feel physical pain due to it but it seems in my case to be linked with the other symptoms. Numteg is an anticholinergic delirant. After hours and hours and hours of researching the internet I found on this forum that many people were discussing the link between acetylcholine and HPPD. Anticholinergic toxicity is always acute, but there are many similiaities between it and HPPD : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anticholinergic I think maybe a high dose of anticholinergic drug on people who already have a mild case of HPPD can worsen it dramatically. I will delve on this forum more to gather information and talk about all that to my neurologist, I hope she ever heard of HPPD before or it will be fastidious lol Good luck to you all :)
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