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  1. Thanks for the response. The OCD is pretty impactful, and it takes a physical manifestation where I worry about things with my body. That's why I I think HPPD would be hard for me to handle. However, I am able to function with OCD in the sense that I have a job, did well in school, and am hoping to start medical school within the next 2 years. I'd describe OCD as a large weight that I carry around all day and it spends a good portion of the day at the forefront of my mind with repetitive thought loops. As I mentioned above, I still carry some of the side effects I got on the SSRIs 5 years
  2. I am a 22 year old who has never used psychedelics and would like minimize risks while using them. I’m looking for any information that this community might have. I have a long-standing history of mental illness It runs in my family. Depression, Anxiety, and OCD. I tried SSRIs and Benzos. SSRIs actually left me worse off afterwards, and Benzos are not a sustainable option. I had been using alcohol and marijuana as ways to temporarily treat my problems, but these were not good things for me in the long run. A breakthrough came through when I tried Ketamine last fall. Ketamine substantially
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