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  1. Tn99

    16 HPPD from LSD i need advice

    In my opinion you will be fine to keep smoking weed I have hppd and I smoke a lot of weed, it might make me start tripping out when I smoke but fuck it, it doesn’t bother me. I take no medicine for hppd at all coz it’s not gonna cure it anyway so what’s the point. Weed is my medicine. Turn your negatives into positives. What’s so bad about hppd anyway? Just embrace it, life’s a trip
  2. Tn99

    Meet up?

    is there anyone in the UK that is up for a meet? I want to have a face to face conversation with someone else who also has hppd. I’m 19 and haven’t experienced symptoms for that long. Over 3 months since I had lsd and I have only been experiencing symptoms for a couple of weeks.

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