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  1. I realize this thread is old, but I found it through a Google search and registered to thank VisualDude for creating the post. I also thank him and everyone else for the many pages of questions and comments. While I do not have HPPD, I have other challenges and spent the past several years visiting doctors, having lab tests, and spinning my wheels with little progress. One of my lab tests (NutrEval Plasma) reported I'm low in B-vitamins -- particularly B1. Though I've tried various methylated B-complex products (I have a single C677T gene mutation), I've never noticed any benefit. After reading this thread, however, I'm planning to try the Bio-3B-G product from Biotics Research. Though I have no idea if the product will make a difference, at least I have something new to try. Doing something is usually better than doing nothing. So, I now have something for which to be hopeful. From what I've read, this is a pretty amazing forum with some really smart, supportive, and caring people. I wish you all health and happiness. Sincerely, Simon
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