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  1. DeadInside

    How can i cure?

    I think u should start taking benzos,they can help you.Also if u smoke weed stop doing it.
  2. DeadInside

    16 HPPD from LSD i need advice

    I see,maybe you are right and its time to stop smoking. What about taking benzos,should i?
  3. DeadInside

    16 HPPD from LSD i need advice

    Since i smoke and this goes bad,what more i should do if i stop smoking for good results? someone said he tried spice and it works for him,lol .. i test it and fuck its not helping,guess what - worse...my afterimages was brutal , shadows in room etc Is CBD weed a good idea?
  4. DeadInside

    New to HPPD?

    I also see things in my peripheral vision,its really scarry but we need to forget about this hppd and do things so we can ignore it. I hate myself about that,trust me...i wish i was normal again so i can smoke a joint without making the things more problematic...
  5. DeadInside

    16 HPPD from LSD i need advice

    Today i saw a visual snow for first time,but it was for 2-3 mins and then dissapeared. It was strange cuz never had this. I was smoking daily weed last month,but i stopped from a week ago. Is it because of this? Thanks , greetings !
  6. DeadInside

    16 HPPD from LSD i need advice

    Hello people,i am 16 years old from bulgaria and i got HPPD from using LSD. I did only 2 times LSD per my life (both 220ug) I was at a friend I decided to take LSD, I was not prepared and didn't know what would happen then. Unfortunately, a man came who is 30 years old and never had to do that. no reason to have to hit me a few times, and also used the Taser. After 30 minutes, I went with the wheel on the way home, I saw some green dots and it was quite fun and somehow strange, when I got home I was in another Galaxy, the experience was one of the most wonderful things that have happened to me, something that is not describe in words-it was beautiful. Unfortunately, a month later I found out that I have HPPD is not so bad, but it scares me and I wonder to this day whether what's left of the trauma that I went through the first time. I want to know if this guy did this to me or my brain just can't handle the Lucy. I've read a lot on the Internet, nothing helped me except that I saw that I'm not the only one with these symptoms. I have images and after some time it gets under the skin, I had severe depression that passed, but occasionally comes back and I'm trapped permanently in the US, I don't have a lot of friends, most of my ones are drug addicts and I don't believe what I feel. What to do so can make me feel better? I dont even go to school because of this thing,i dont feel like i am the old me..

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