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  1. I can't avoid weed, cuz i smoke it daily, but i stopped all dr*gs. Btw : i am going gym 2 months already i don't see my Afterimages/trials better... its the same but yea. im fine, mostly outside i am sad, when at home im fine, idk.. antisocial behavior or smth
  2. I started to see Randomly colored dots Without doing drugs or alchohol/smoking ciggaretes which was the weirdest thing happend to me. I am sober from 1 month and can't understand why almost 2 days i am looking arround and see these Dots... i was better when i smoke weed but now, i can't understand how my brain is working or is it because i was Sick wast week ... I can only suggest you to stop all drugs and alcohol. That's the best option for now. You can start taking medications which may help you feel better, there is info in the forum about them!
  3. Yes, im not going to lie but its true...i just lower the weed and don't take anything esle. I think this also can help since i can't get clonarex,this was the only option i left but also read bad things about it,maybe u are right and not going to take this.
  4. I also suffer from hppd but when this happends i smoked a lot of weed and then one day (1 month after trip) i noticed problems in my vision (afterimages) that i notice them almost every time 1-2 hours before going to sleep OR with smoking weed daily. I really don't believed on most people posts here about weed worsening hppd... Stop weed,alcohol (even beer) and any drugs or Research Chemicals. Stay clean, go into nature , find a work to do all day before u go home and go to sleep. You will probably one day notice the symptomps are not here anymore and u are free. But for this - u need to change your life for now for better.
  5. I'm going next week to workout,i know this will help me in many ways and its really healthy for myself. I eat normal food everyday,maybe will start eating atleast half more than this now. I see big difference if i fill my day with things to do,going out with friends and dont stay depressed to focus the visuals, i see difference when i smoke only 1 time in 2-3 days , not like before. Tried stopping weed with smoking ciggarets - good,also tried beer - wasnt good idea,i focus visuals same as weed. I got deanxit,still didnt tried yet,also melatonin. Probably will try next week to start taking atleast the deanxit, what dose you recommend me? Also is it good idea to take deanxit 2-3 hours before sleep? i want then because i get my visuals almost before sleeping,when tired and etc. Thank you @Aaanna and everyone here! You make me feel good.
  6. Im trying to fill my day mostly with some jobs but when i return to home sometimes (where was the trip) i see very bad shadows and floaters in walls sometimes in specific place where i look,not everywhere. I got deanxit 8 pills but still thinking about this,im scared to not make my visuals worse..
  7. I understand the risk of clonazepam, i already talk with a doctor and she told me i need to go to psychiatric if i want clonazepam (clonarex). I only see sometimes shadow in my left peripheral eye and trials on some bright light,also floaters in sky (only daily). I dont have anxiety at all,just sometimes i feel depressed but i think this is normal. I only see the bad things when im alone and doing nothing,but when play a games,talk with people,outside - i dont feel the symptoms. What benzos you recomend me to start? Thank you!
  8. Hello bro , im now reading https://www.researchgate.net/publication/281847815_Flashbacks_and_HPPD_A_Clinical-oriented_Concise_Review and i think this information is really helping me to understand more for my condition. I stopped all drugs,weed,alchohol and cigarettes. I was 3 days clean and i found that its better. yesterday i was traveling and when i look at the sky i see the floaters (i always see them like younger but never so hard as this time) and i find it annoying, this doesnt bother me. My opinion is to stay calm,find a things to do in your free time and dont think about the symptomps. I think next week to start doing clonazepam but i still dont know...i worry about side effects
  9. Hey man,cheers! haha I just smoked and yeah,i still cant look at this like positive thing,idk..some people look good at this and this dont even bother them but i dont think i can ignore it. I haved 4 days pause,i only have problem in dark rooms,for example when i look TV and then look in left i see the after image of that for 1sec,its not fatal - yes i trying to forget it. Mmm i also think this will not go away,because i cant full ignore it ?? .. maybe there is some chance to fix myself in 4-5 months because i dont used it much. my first time 220ug (the awesome trip) and the second one 350/400 ug (idk if even more than that,i take 2+ cuz think the lsd wasnt going to kick in,lmao what a idiot...it kicked but tbh i expected to be stronger than my first trip,but wasnt IDK what happend then,maybe because it was 4 hours on sun light or because i was strange and thinking,also in another way i was scared to not kick in and i had low visuals not like a real trip...still cant fuc**** understand what happend then) ,then 2 months later my after image started but first i was having disturbance from the lights,now only got after images in dark room/nights... i still smoke,maybe i will smoke only half joint atleast daily,not like before that was 2 joints daily use oh... thinking about gaining mass + eating fruits...idk maybe some real vitamins and natural food can help and in a 15-20 days to stop the weed probably.
  10. I understand that weed make it worse,i read alot about that and im stopping weed,i was daily smoker (atleast 1g smoking per day) but now i smoke per 2-3 days one joint. I dont do other drugs,i think this will help also i started doing more things in my daily basis so i can not focus on the symptoms. Do you guys think i need to start taking benzos,if yes - what benzos? I think i dont lose nothing to try something that can help me?
  11. I think u should start taking benzos,they can help you.Also if u smoke weed stop doing it.
  12. I see,maybe you are right and its time to stop smoking. What about taking benzos,should i?
  13. Since i smoke and this goes bad,what more i should do if i stop smoking for good results? someone said he tried spice and it works for him,lol .. i test it and fuck its not helping,guess what - worse...my afterimages was brutal , shadows in room etc Is CBD weed a good idea?
  14. I also see things in my peripheral vision,its really scarry but we need to forget about this hppd and do things so we can ignore it. I hate myself about that,trust me...i wish i was normal again so i can smoke a joint without making the things more problematic...
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