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  1. I would like to hear your stories and thoughts on drinking with hppd. It seems that people are very divided when it comes to this topic. Some say you should never drink and others say that they notice nothing bad after drinking. I really enjoyed alcohol prior to hppd and I have spent considerable amounts of money on different wines and whiskeys that I've been scared to touch. What are your experiences on drinking with hppd? I know that drugs are a no-go, Used to have a mild hppd and then I took MDMA with hppd and symptoms got bad, took about 6 months for them to start diminishing and returning to mild level
  2. So I took 230mg mdma pill about 2 months ago and it gave me hppd but my symptoms were that I had almost no symptoms at all during the day: I had to really focus on some white walls to see something weird and as I have understood we all see a bit of visual snow. but when I went to dark places everything started swirling and I couldn't see anything. I saw lights and movement and hallucinations were really strong. That's why I believe it is hppd. Then yesterday I took like 30mg of MDMA just for fun with friends and now I can clearly see that even that small amount has boosted my hppd because I have quite heavy visual snow right now. Does this go away? I would just like to hear your thoughts and stories. This is bothering me and I'm not feeling too well.
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