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  1. I actually had to stop taking the olanzapine because it made me chronically fatigued. Didn't make the HPPD worse, though. Same goes for other meds. I actually had ECT, not TMS, but I can't figure out how to edit my original post to amend this. Obviously I can't be sure if it was the meds or the ECT or the combination that cured the HPPD because I had them concurrently. Either way, it worked.
  2. I'm still taking the meds. My psychiatrist says they're not big doses. In any case, I don't feel druged. I suffered from anxiety and depression before taking the Lsd, so the meds are for those too.
  3. September: tried LSD and weed for the first time. 6 tabs over 2 days. Idiocy, I know. September - December: text wiggling and sliding down page, movement in peripheral vision, curtains rippling, roads looked like rivers, disequilibrium, felt like I was walking on a bouncy castle, bed felt like it was moving December: given transcranial magnetic stimulation 6 times and the following medications: Breakfast: 1 x 2.5mg Olanzapine 1 x 50mg Sertraline Lunch: 1 x 2.5mg Olanzapine Dinner: 1.5 x 100mg Lamotrigine 1 x 15mg Mirtazapine 1 x 10mg Olanzapine January: recovered
  4. Thanks, Jay. Didn’t occur to me it could be dp/dr related. Going to see a neurologist and have started Stemetil in case it’s inner ear. Going to mention rTMS to the neuro too; my head feels like it’s either being jerked around or swimming.
  5. Hello everyone, Two months ago I took LSD for the first time. I started with 2 tabs, which didn’t have much of an effect. Maybe mild Asperger’s had something to do with it. Then, two days later I ended up taking 4 tabs, goaded on by a friend. Really foolish, I know. I’d tried weed beforehand. During the trip, things were wavy and breathing and colours were very bright, but I didn’t experience ‘ego death’ or weird visuals. A few days later, when the mild hallucinations and brightness didn’t go away I completely freaked out and tried several times to strangle myself with a rope, almost suffocating on one ocassion. I still have visuals (like the edges of the room twitch, wavey lines, brightness) and disequilibrium, which is so bad to the point that I can barely leave the couch. Watching TV is hard because of motion sickness (shaky cameras), so I sit on the couch all day reading on my phone. I feel like a prisoner. I’ve started taking lamictal (25mg titrating up to 100mg). Has anyone else experienced this? Did it go away? Thank you for your feedback.
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