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  1. or the basic problem of hppd is anxiety and benzodiazepines simply reduce it giving you the ability to ignore those visual bugs. Anxiety can give rise to obsessions, in my opinion if a person who claims to have hppd make him lose the memory of the day he took psychedelics even the disorder would disappear
  2. hi, I state that I've never used psychedelics, I'm here because I have a friend who says he has hppd after a bad trip, what are your symptoms? I also have After-images, objects that leave trails, visual snow (especially in poorly lit areas) if I look for more than 10 seconds one thing I see it moving and breathing (even the text I'm writing now, if I pay attention I can see it move) if I look at square surfaces I can see static lights that create geometric shapes (even as a child I could lol) if I notice I have a ton of floaters, with all this I want to say that these "bugs" we have them all,
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