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  1. To all people who have tried Keppra for a little while and had some negative effects: please try to stick with it! For the first two weeks I was extremely irritable, sleepy during the day and awake during the night. I was actually even a little bit aggressive, which is so out of character for me. The next month with Keppra the initial side effects seemed to go away, but my HPPD persisted. After being on Keppra for 2 1/2 months my HPPD is almost unnoticeable. I still have visual snow, but it’s just not as bothersome as it used to be. I think the worst side effects that I used to have with HPPD were my DP/DR. For the first month of my HPPD, I could barely communicate with others. After awhile, the DP/DR subsided but I still felt like I was in a dreamlike state at times. Occasionally people looked like cartoons and when I was in huge crowds of people I would completely lose myself within it. I’m so happy to say that with Keppra I no longer have this feeling anymore. Yes, visual snow persists. Yes, when I move my phone around at night there are tracers. But it’s really not bothersome to me anymore. I’m currently in college as a Creative Technologies major and am hoping I can use some of these visual experiences to my advantage instead of feeling like I have a disability. To everyone who is still suffering please please please stay positive. There are so many options to make everything better. I’ve also delved into TM (transcendental meditation) which gives me some relief from general anxiety. I hope this post helps and if anyone ever needs to talk feel free to message me! - M
  2. Hi Redrose, To me, this sounds like HPPD. I can relate to so much of what you are experiencing. Even when you mention the world moving as you chew, I’ve felt that countless times. About 5 months ago I was diagnosed with HPPD and I thought my life was over. I was studying abroad during college and had to be evacuated from the country because I couldn’t step outside of my room without having a panic attack. People looked like cartoon characters, objects moved in my peripheral vision, walls would pulse and breathe amongst many other terrifying symptoms. After about 2 months, the visual symptoms died down, although I still had the visual static and that weird dreamlike feeling. I’m now prescribed a very low dose of klonopin and Keppra, which has done wonders for me. I would say almost all of the symptoms have gone away except for the visual snow. My advice to you is to reach out for help, whether it’s your parents or a psychiatrist and try not to be discouraged. It may take a couple doctors to fully understand what you are going through. I promise you it’s going to get better and this online community can be extremely helpful in terms of support. Try not to go crazy with researching the symptoms and stories. I’ve found that the more I thought about the symptoms, the more I’ve noticed it. TM (transcendental meditation) has also helped me quite a bit with my anxiety. If you need any more advice or you just want to talk, feel free to message me! I promise you that things are going to get better! :)
  3. Hi! I recently was diagnosed with HPPD and have been struggling with it for the past 4 months. The first month was really bad— ceiling fixtures spinning, walls breathing, sound synthesizing along with really bad DP/DR. This was also happening while I was studying abroad not knowing wtf was happening to me so I had to be evacuated and sent home. After being on Klonopin and Gabapentin for the past few months, my symptoms have improved greatly. Now my only visual symptoms are visual snow, tracers when it’s dark, and auras around objects and people. While these things still bother me, it’s nothing compared to what I was experiencing 4 months ago. The thing that’s really killing me right now is the brain fog. My short term memory is awful along with basic things like remembering the names of people who I’ve known for years. I’m going to be heading back to college in the next couple of weeks and I’m really really nervous. I was wondering if anybody knows of any supplements or methods to get rid of brain fog. My college is kinda far from home so I’d like to try to get anything that could possibly help me while I’m still with family and my therapist nearby. Any suggestions are helpful . Also! I am thinking of starting Keppra but was wondering who has had good/bad experiences with it. - M
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