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  1. But is seeing color splotches on walls part of hppd? And seeing the walls turn different tints or shades?
  2. Spice is what caused my hppd. Go ahead and do it if you want more hppd.
  3. I am not new to HPPD, Ive had similar symptoms now for about 7 years. And I know that while no one here will be able to give me a definitive answer, as none of us are doctors, I want to see it this sounds like hppd. Im asking about a specific phenomenon that keeps happening to me recently that I dont remember having before in years prior. I see color spots/blobs/splotches all the time in small rooms and sometimes even outdoors but in less noticeable ways. What I mean by this is Ill be watching tv and out of the corner of my eye Ill notice something isnt right in my periphery, so I pay closer attention and notice giant splotches of color on walls and sometimes even an entire wall changing in its tint or shade of color. Like white to green. Another way to describe it sometimes the flashes or splotches of color look like what youd see after a camera flash in the eyes. Does this sound like hppd or could it be schizophrenia? I say schizophrenia because Ive read before that you can have these exact same hallucinations/illusions in the disease. Thank You
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