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  1. I think I've gotten HPPD originally from diphenhydramine as I would get these kinds of visuals from it as well as dextromethorphan and especially cannabis. Luckily I don't use drugs anymore but light has continued to look this way for about half a year or so. A lot of people describe halos but what I get are these strange distorted flower-shaped or diamond-shaped things that slowly change size and shape (one person described it as sort of mandala shaped)... sometimes a dark spot will cover the middle of the light, sort of giving the appearance of an eye, otherwise I think it resembles a spider web almost. There's also a bit of double vision... like if I look at the moon, I'll see multiple translucent copies of it forming a weird starburst thing... light also causes objects to distort in the dark. It's a little bit disturbing but also a little beautiful seeing weird asymmetrical rainbows around lights. Does anyone else get something like this:
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