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  1. stupidk

    How can i cure?

    Same thing here, took mdma once in my life symptoms showed up a month later.. smoked one time in that month and it set me off but it first started with DP/DR then eye floaters then after images
  2. For example: my symptoms are not “persiting” so they don’t happen all day. I have to look for them sometimes and sometimes I do not. But like would you consider floaters of BFEP HPPD? Comment what you think HPPD is.
  3. stupidk


    Anyone try fasting and it helped their hppd? Seen some posts about it was looking for more information
  4. stupidk

    Lions mane

    Just a question about lions mane. I was wondering for those who have taken it was your symptoms better after taking lions mane? Did your symptoms stay better after stopping to take the supplement?
  5. stupidk

    Sick but afraid to take medicine

    I’ve been taking Advil and stuff still but I was more wondering about DayQuil and cough drops etc.
  6. Hi guys which medicines for fevers, colds, etc are ok to take if you have hppd?
  7. stupidk

    I have HPPD. And I think it’s being mismanaged.

    I relate to your post so much. I took MDMA one time in June my first time ever, had severe DP/DR for a couple of weeks after smoking weed a week after my roll. Have had some minor hppd I believe show up but one thing I’ve been doing is not taking anything. I’ve read so many horror stories about how SSRIs gave people full blown hppd or make symptoms worse. I’ve taken Xanax a few times which got rid of my DR/DP. What are your symptoms?
  8. stupidk

    Did I hallucinate?

    I’m really confused about what I just experienced. Was working out at the gym and during my workout I noticed some sparkles appear in my vision. I stopped working out and kept looking at them. I was frightened and then I thought maybe there was glitter in the air so I reach out to try to swat it away to see if it was really there and it was not. I then looked at the ground and saw the floor cave in for a second. I was pretty freaked out so I left the gym... has anyone experienced this.. I thought my visuals were better I barley notice anything besides the mild static in low lighting and rare after images and eye floaters in the sky..
  9. stupidk

    am i developing hppd?

    I’m really noticing halos around lights now. My symptoms remain the same but I guess I’m noticing them more? Visual snow in dark rooms, eye floaters in certain lighting, slight afterimages if I look for them, I noticed last night when I moved my eyes up or down while driving the car light trailed with my eyes for a second while I moved them, if someone takes a picture the flash light stays in my eyes for a while... will this get any better... no drugs coming up on 4 months. Barley drink but I still drink the tiniest bit.. wtf I just want my life back.
  10. stupidk

    HPPD Story & Introduction

    Will someone explain their after images to me. I have after images against walls (if someone is against a wall and I shift my eyes I will see the outline of object almost in a “light” version on the wall) and if I’m looking at a light the light stays in my vision longer than It should (can’t tell if it’s bc I’m looking to see if it is there or not). Was also wondering about trails... I see a trail of light when I’m in the dark and wave my phone around, isn’t this normal? I can’t tell what “normal” is anymore ?
  11. stupidk

    am i developing hppd?

    Could use some positive feed back. I am dealing with this a lot better I’ve started going to the gym and it’s reduced my anxiety tremendously but I still see things that scare me. I believe I had pre-hppd bc of the grainyness I see in low light, the eye floaters in certain lighting situations, after images when I look at something against a wall not all day everyday, and halos around lights at night (although my friend said she sees that’s too so I’m not sure if that’s hppd but I thought I would include it). I was hoping who had mild hppd and it went away could respond and let me know what they did to reduce it and how long it took for it to go away. I am not using any drugs now or every again have been clean since June I know to avoid drugs at all costs
  12. stupidk

    Do I have HPPD or something else?

    How Are you now
  13. stupidk

    am i developing hppd?

    How severe was your hppd before you started taking the antidepressants? I can’t even tell if I have hppd but the floaters and the occasional after image I see if an object is against a white wall makes me think I could have it idk...
  14. stupidk

    am i developing hppd?

    I read that anti depressants can give you mild motion blindness and if you stop taking them that symptom goes away? Have you tried to stop taking them and it went away or is it from the hppd and never went away

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