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  1. 4 hours after running i am in nightmare.. hard to describe- anxiety, panic attack, i feel like i am not in this realty and i am going crazy, after image (i see face of someone and its stack in my main for few second).. bit of dizziness, if i am not running then its ok- i can work and chill out, but i depress and weird though from time to time memory problem and so on..
  2. thanks(: its relief that some one else have this running issue.. you know what? i didn't tried weight training- i am going to try it.. 3-4 hours after Omega 3 i am very tense for 2 days, i thing maybe i have some kind of epilepsy- i will talk to neurologist.
  3. i happy i found this forum(: that how i find what i have.. sorry for my English- i am not american, history: last year i try one time (traumatic) lsd, 4 times mdma- 3 month between each one, 4 time mushroom, 2 years weed -joint every 3 days, didn't have anxiety or panic attack before.. case: 8 month ago i take strong weed and fill panic attack - the day after i had strong dp, hppd (see lights and image a bit different ,afterimage) its Weakened after 3 month.. my symptom now: afterimage, lite dp, but mainly- its feel stronger 3 hour after running or after take omega 3,vitamin b- even after ride my electric scooter, its look like my brain damage.. treatment so far: busy with my life- i am student and socialize as much as i can, i try ssri but symptom was worse, wolk avery day, eat well, i will try to avoid meds, i order insotal. anyone have this or hear about worse symptom after few hour after running issue? do you heard of method how to dill with afterimage specific?

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