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  1. Thanks bro I might have overreacted to It. The last festival finished about 1 month ago and I probably had about 10 trips within 2 week (different psychedelics). I abused a lot thats why I thought It could be hpdd. I just must be really sensitive because of psychedelics.
  2. Hey guys, how're u? I found out that I have hppd some weeks ago after I came back from 2 psychedelics festivals in Europe, unfortunately I cant event smoke weed anymore without tripping, It's like coming up on acid every time, and weed now gives me a scary feeling even though im not scared, those things dont bother me that much the only problem is to sleep, I've been feeling like I never sleep enough because my mind is always active, I've been taking a long time to get to sleep because I feel my eyes moving and creating visuals inside of my head all the time, and sometimes I wake up because of some visuals, how did u guys get used to it, do u guys sleep well? Do u guys do something which really help u? I would like to try anything, I would also like to know If weed can be normal again. ( didnt have any bad trip I did have the best weeks of my life in those festivals)
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