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  1. James842

    General advice

    Will MDMA make the visuals worse permanently or temporarily?
  2. James842

    General advice

    yeh cheers for the advice and I know meth is a fucked drug but Im not smokin it im snorting it and only doing it once and I know its super addictive but I feel confident enough that I won't fall into that hole
  3. James842

    General advice

    lifes already fucked, will it make them worse or nah?
  4. James842

    General advice

    Would meth make my visuals worse?
  5. James842

    General advice

    was also wondering if Xanax would help or worsen the affects ? thanks
  6. James842

    General advice

    Im 16 and got HPPD from excessive LSD MDMA and other drug use, had for like 6 months maybe more now, was gonna try speed and was wondering if this would make the visual effects worse?

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