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  1. Does anyone know if holorenic breathing can cause or aggravate HPPD? It is supposed to be similar to LSD but only controlling breathing, without taking psychedelics. I'm thinking about trying it to improve anxiety, but I'm afraid it might hurt me.
  2. Yes, it's mild, but it's always there, but I do not think I have DP or DR because I do not have many more symptoms. Could it be that my nervous system is fucked up? I do not have anxiety or anything, just the weird head, like dizzy.
  3. Does something similar happen to someone?
  4. Hola. Desde que tomé champiñones y fumé marihuana tengo una sensación extraña en mi cabeza, es difícil de describir. Me siento raro, diferente, pero no podría definirlo como dp / dr, es similar, pero es solo que mi cabeza se siente extraña. Llevo 5 meses desde ese día. No tengo síntomas visuales. ¿Alguien sabe qué puede ser o qué medicación podría ayudar? Es un tipo de mareo, sensación de aturdimiento, leve pero muy incómodo. El alcohol o la marihuana aumentan este sentimiento pero nunca me dan imágenes. He tenido muchas pruebas médicas y no sé lo que puede ser.
  5. Thanks for the answers. After two and a half months I still do the same. It's a strange dizziness, it's not vertigo, I do not feel that I'm going to fall. It is a sensation that is felt in the head and that is accentuated in some cases. It's weird, it's not the typical HPPD problem, but it happens to me since I consumed mushrooms and it's not an ear problem. regards
  6. What notes after running? I do not have visual symptoms, but I do have a feeling of dizziness and altered perception
  7. Hi. Yes, after running, I feel that the symptoms are aggravated a bit, but doing weight training in the gym does not. I also take Omega 3 from Krill oil and I do not notice any effects after taking them. What symptoms do you have after running or taking Omega 3? It is rare that with this last one you have problems, it is a natural and beneficial fat.
  8. the symptoms left suddenly or progressively?
  9. It has happened to me in times when I have been experiencing more anxiety during the day. Try some natural remedy to relax in the daytime and before bedtime, may it help you. Luck
  10. Yes, of the truffles "Psilocibe Hollandia"(15-18 grams at my first experience. I have not commented anything to the doctor about drugs, as many people here recommend not to do so. They sent me a blood test, an encephalogram and a visit to the otrorrino in case it was a problem of the inner ear. I was also prescribed an antihistamine for dizziness, although I doubt it will help me.
  11. It is a sensation very similar to mine. I notice that I am in a dream or I am still on the mushroom journey and I notice the different perception. What notes in the balance? I feel like a mental dizziness, although I have a good balance.
  12. Where is this symptom, in HPPD or in DR / DP? I do not see anyone agree with me. I suppose I should feel the same as at the beginning of an LSD trip.
  13. Someone with this symptom? It turns out that the only symptom I have is like continuing at the beginning of a mushroom trip, with the perception a little altered and with a feeling of "constant dizziness", a dizziness that shows in the head and makes you feel different to the walk. It seems a mild symptom but I have been with it for a month and it does not improve. Would you tell the doctor that they have taken mushrooms? Or better just talk about the symptoms? Thank you
  14. I feel like a constant feeling of dizziness, but not a normal dizziness, if not how low the effects of psilocybin or marijuana. I do not lose my balance but I'm not quite "mentally quiet", as if I'm still on a cloud. It is quite exhausting and tends to have peaks in which I generate a lot of anxiety
  15. I have gone to the doctor and they have reviewed the balance and other tests. Nothing weird. I was prescribed sulpiride (antipsychotic and for dizziness) and it has not made anything of effect. It is a feeling of dizziness more than a dizziness in itself, I would not know how to explain it. It feels like in your head, like when you've smoked a little marijuana and you notice that feeling that your head is moving (your head, not the objects). Marijuana I have cultivated and I am the same as always, but smoking very little I have found that I accentuate the symptoms of dizziness and that then leads to anxiety attacks as I have never suffered before. By the way, when taking Valium to sleep I have noticed that I wake up much worse with dizziness. Sorry for my bad English .
  16. Hello! A month ago I tried some hallucinogenic truffles and some marijuana. After a week I smoked a joint and I had an anxiety attack. The next day I began to notice a constant feeling of dizziness. I can make a "normal" life, but it is a very uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes it seems to be more pronounced. I also feel a constant feeling of depression, and sometimes depersonalization, although what worries me the most is the feeling of "dizziness", since that makes me more depressed. Someone with a similar experience? Any medication or suggestion? Thanks to everyone for this forum
  17. Hi, I think I have HPPD caused by psilocybin. I have considered taking microdoses of this substance to improve my condition. Someone has tried?
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