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  1. Thank you, for responding, Miller. Greatly appreciated. My visual manifestations have waned in intensity over the years, as well. They are mild/moderate these days, but frequency persists. The constant anxiety over all of these years is what has really taken its toll on me, I feel. I have used mindful breathing and meditation on and off over the past couple of years. I will try to make a routine of it for the next few months to see if it helps more.
  2. Olivier, thank you for the response and feedback. Yes our experience seems to parallel. I have always had a successful career, a good marriage, children. Like you, years of therapy for anxiety, and panic. I experience low mood at times. I often wonder if things would have been different for me without this burden. I am seeing a psychiatrist today to see what my options are at this point. I will mention Lamictal and Keppra. I will keep the thread updated with my outcomes.
  3. Is that a possibility? Long story short when I was 13 yo (now 41) my brother gave me some LSD he picked up at a GD show at RFK. I took a couple of drops of liquid not sure of the dosing... anyways it was a absolutely horrible experience. I was admitted to the hospital, by my mother. They gave me a sedative and I continued to trip hard for the next 16-20 hrs. In the following several days I continued with heavy trails, movement in my visual periphery, auras around people and objects, after images, visual snow (at night only), abnormal vibrancy, etc... since then I have experienced all of that at some level of intensity depending on situations. I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks as long as I can remember. At this point I’m unsure if that started before or after. I had tripped 2-3 times prior to this incident, all great experiences. And about 5 years later I had maybe 10-15 experiences with mushrooms and LSD. I smoked cannabis from 16-18. I went into the military and was on hiatus for 5 years. When I got out I smoked again for several years after my military service ended until employment ended that due to randoms. This year I am finally free to smoke cannabis again. I vape only cbd/indica at night to help with sleep and joint pain. I do notice a slight uptick in my visual disturbances but with the lights out it doesn’t effect me quite as bad. The dose is probably .2g of flower. I had stumbled on a good link about HPPD when I was researching after images and auras. I read the article and was like holy crap has this been my issue all of these years? I recently went through and 8hr neuropsychological examination, where I was diagnosed with PTSD, low mood and ADHD. In the article I read, it states that HPPD exhibits symptoms similar to all of the things I have been diagnosed with.... I thought I had just fried myself and had to live with the visual disturbances. Well I did do permanent damage it seems, but I was unaware it was possible to treat it all of these years. Is there a legitimate natural or medical treatment for this? I had seen lions mane, clonidine, and a few other supplements and medications that have some success controlling the symptoms. Does anyone have any experience? I’m sure I do have ptsd at some level, that event coupled with other non psychedelic related events in my life.. but I think this is the answer to my visual issues I have been experiencing since the summer of 1990.
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