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  1. DeLucid2018 Are you sure because I haven’t taken the Prozac since I had the psychosis.. it’s been about 2 years.
  2. Hi everyone, 4 years ago I took a lot of acid during one summer, then I stopped and was completely fine. Around 6 months later I started taking Prozac for social anxiety and 4 months after taking Prozac I had a psychosis from smoking weed and taking Prozac. Then ever since that psychosis, I've had some weird symptoms. My vision is shaking and choppy. For example, anything that moves is like taken in pictures and is laggy, and still objects shake in circles. It's weird because I can change the direction of the shaking but I can't stop it lol. I also have visual snow. But I'm not sure if it is HPPD because I don't have any tracers or see colors. I do get DP/DR sometimes. What do you guys think? Although I've been feeling really good for the past 4 months although 3 weeks ago it seems like my visuals have gotten worse out of nowhere and have given me bad anxiety and DP/DR. I don't know what could have caused this. It feels kind of like when I first experienced these issues from when I got them 2 1/2 years ago... I'm looking forward to your guy's response! Thank you! 🙂

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