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  1. mdma and acid was about three months ago and 40mg 2cb was a month and a half.
  2. apparently this is a common illusion for everyone but i have never experienced this before i smoked, let alone do drugs.
  3. i have just recovered from cannabis induced dp (atleast 95%) in almost 3 weeks, and now, like the title said, ive been feeling macropsia, pelopsia, metamorphopsia out of nowhere. the only time ive done actual psychs were mdma and lsd and 40mg 2cb, the latter being a terrible trip. i didnt get hppd symptoms from it though, until 4-5 days ago. its something that i can ignore and itll go away but its still incredibly odd that these symptoms are occuring when i havent taken any psychoactive substances since my dp inducing adventure. is this hppd or am i just bullshitting myself and giving myself anxiety since ive recovered. edit: and when objects grow long enough they start to disappear and form again and on and on until i look away or blink.
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