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  1. Here is the HPPD Research Survey, 123 total responses before it ended. https://goo.gl/oxfghN (Graph results) https://docdro.id/084VEVY (PDF, text format) We are also working on some sort of Academic paper coming out soon, with a few people involved. I understand some of the results might be hard to see since there is a lot of custom responses. But I hope you find it interesting and knowledgeable none the less. Cheers!
  2. You mention muscle tightness, causing sharp pains. Weird. I originally noticed/got my HPPD 2 weeks after I quit my smoking habit 15+ bowls a day, 2 years on maybe, I'm young. Anyways, I was getting really sharp pains up my flanks and in my chest, Doctors thought it was a viral thing, it was the reason I stopped smoking, I feared it was lungs. Anyways I went to deep needle therapy for the pain and she said muscle /diaphragm tightness and said drink heaps of water, deep breathing and magnesium, It eventually went away. But I thought it was completed unrelated to HPPD, maybe it wasn't.
  3. Hey guys, I've put together this little survey for something I'm doing at University, would be awesome if you could answer it for me There's a massive lack of accurate literature and studies done on HPPD, this is nothing like a PhD paper unfortunately but it's a small step and any research is good. It's done via Google Surveys. I'll post the results after I have sufficient responses. https://goo.gl/forms/djsbcFAoC5uDSaDR2
  4. Doing very well, symptoms are still there, but I accepted them learned to ignore them, have been fully sober still but have minimal anxiety and can live a normal life at least. Although it still annoys me lol
  5. Is there any huge differences, how would one know really? Getting fed up trying to figure out what exactly is going on
  6. I've been sober off any medication for ANYTHING since Jan this year, I have been doing the sober route since I noticed the onset of these visual symptoms, and been sober from any other substances at all since July when I quit Cannabis and I plan to continue so I suppose that is good. I've also recently seen a new doctor and I present my symptoms without the context of drug use, hppd or any psychiatric pathways and in turn he is approaching it as a physical illness which is good since I haven't cleared it from being these yet. I'm booked in for CT & MRI and Eye specialist test over the coming weeks, although I expect them to be normal. And yes I assume I only got the visual snow (or at least notices it) when I had had these other symptoms. I have bad health anxiety but finding HPPD sort of relieved the "health" anxiety in a way but brought about the anxiety that makes you feel like you're going mad. But I'm managing both quite well at the moment. So I hope to find answers first and then work on a solution. I'd say my chances are pretty good of recovering so I'm staying positive and staying sober from everything.
  7. Thanks man. I'd done a fair amount of research and thought these were pretty common symptoms for HPPD? But saying that it doesn't sound as drastic as some peoples and my psyc use wasn't as much as others, more the cannabis. Also forgot to mention I do get visual snow.
  8. So basically I've been using pot daily since I was 16/5 (19 now) and experimented with other drugs, LSD (probably 3 times), DMT (3 times, never broke through), E & "pure" mdma (5-6) times. When I was about 17, I took 2 acid tabs, and had a really bad trip, a huge panic attack and was left with really bad anxiety which lingered for along time, I stopped all other drugs and didn't touch anything, except prescribed medications and pot which I continued smoking heavily daily, I was prescribed Lexapro for the anxiety and used it for around 6 months, still smoked pot daily, It helped somewhat with my depression which i had been dealing with for an extended period of time as I had a fairly traumatic life between 13-17yro. I had taken prozac at 14 & ADHD meds (ritalin,concerta around the same time for no longer than a month). Anyways I continued to smoke pot and take my lexapro and was alright but I always had underlying anxiety, especially health anxiety. I decided to stop all medication at the end of 2017 and was clean from everything (except the daily pot smoking) and my depression was gone but I still had underlying anxieties although they weren't that bad, my health anxiety started to increase and around July this year I was experience what I thought was lung/chest pains due to smoking so I decided to stop my daily smoking habit of 2 years+ all together. So up until this point I'd been clean of any drugs except pot for over a year (since the bad LSD trip). Anyways I stopped smoking and my anxiety went through the roof completely I thought there was so many things wrong with me and I started noticing visual disturbances. An abundance of black floaters, ghosting when I look at street signs, especially at night, dark green/purple patches in vision sometimes, afterimages, especially when I close my eyes, and some other weird visual perceptions & I sometimes feel like im on a rocky boat in the water when I lay down / feel very off balance as well as some weird tingling over my face/scalp. I do get lost in my own thoughts a lot and they're usually pretty negative or me over analyzing my own health and the visual stuff, but I haven't had any "out of body" DR/DP, but then again could be the ADHD making me zone out. So I'm just curious to know is this HPPD? what should I do about it, its making my anxiety increase 10 fold and I feel like im going crazy sometimes, but I also am confused as to why it has only appeared 2 something years later after I;ve gone fully sober off everything (including the pot), and why I didn't notice or have these symptoms whilst I was on it. I don't wanna trick myself into thinking I have it if I really don't. (I haven't had MRI or any eye test's done as yet to rule out brain / ocular related issues) p.s sorry new to forums if this is in wrong place
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