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  1. Hello, new to this forum. I am 14 years old and have hppd. I know that at such a young age it's stupid and dangerous to use psychedelics, I thought that I would not face the possible consequences, but i did. I hate myself for being such a stupid self-confident kid. It all started 1,5 month ago, when I took 60ug lsd (that was my first trip) and smoked weed during the trip, I got a panic attack (I felt that I had gone crazy) and fell asleep. The next week I had insomnia, panic attacks, severe anxiety and visual disturbances (floaters, photophobia, starbusting and halos). Now I feel a little better, but still have a strong anxiety, obsessive thoughts, visuals, and vivid dreams (kind of scary), but I dont have depersonalization/derealization. Is this real HPPD? I want to try lamotrigine(i heard that it helps), tranquilizers and antidepressants to ease the symptoms, but I wonder about my age. Should I try or should I wait some time? sorry for my bad grammar and english, i used a google translate. Thanks.
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