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  1. I literally experience the same thing. Not the police and stuff but it’s as if I never left the trip. It’s as if it all goes back and I’m still in the same place as before.
  2. I find myself looking as well to see if anyone has similar things that happen. My acid trip was intense and went south for me. I went a year with nothing then one day if felt like it was all a dream and I never left the first acid trip. I get stuck in loops as if the moment I’m in never ended and I’ve been here and always will be in the moment that catches me for my entire life. I’ll be sitting still then it’s as if everything repeats and sheer terror takes over. i don’t have 4k like HD but I feel as my equilibrium has been knocked off and I’m walking through a dream. I stopped by here looking to see if I’m not alone. It’s intense and trying to find an answer for it to stop. Thanks for sharing and I know we can get through the craziness!
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