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  1. Cheers man. After your 2 year session did it just go away completely? How did another one come about. And yeah that makes sense as for the vision and hearing. This shit is so weird.
  2. Yo ziggy, so what’s it like now? Can you drink regularly? Are you back to fully normal? Is it like waking up from a nightmare and you’re back to the way you were before?
  3. Hey, So I developed HPPD after some traumatic acid trip, I guess I took a little too much unknowingly. What started as flashbacks, that would occur like once a week, where I’d fully start experiencing a trip again — hearing voices (the worst), seeing things glow, everything like acid-world type thing but not in any way close to the way it was when I actually tripped. Each week or so after that, I could see them getting less intense, and the voices becoming less intense. All super strange shit. It took about 2 months for the flashbacks and voices to go away completely. I remember after that, the last hit of the ‘flashback’ type of thing was full on static vision that lasted about 4 days, and then went away. Throughout this whole time I quit weed, but I continued to drink, and heavily, because of how much this was pissing me off. But I stopped all other drugs. Some self-justification bullshit that got me into this mess in the first place was the reason I kept drinking. Anyway, once I’d decided to stop drinking which was about 4 months in, I got fully sober, and dedicated to recovery. At this point my symptoms were constant intensified colours, my vision is like 4K-HD all the time, everything looks super defined (this is the one I’m curious to see if anybody else has?) static at night, excessive blue field entoptic phenomenon, constant anxiety, mood swings, depression, DP/DR. Since sobriety about 3 months ago, these symptoms have stayed about exactly the same. I’m hopeful though, I’m trying things. I haven’t really dedicated myself to exercise and meditation like I know I should, I’m still trying to cope with figuring out my life with this all breaking my entire sense of reality, and really sense of self. I just wanna know I’m not the only one with this 4K-HD thing, cause I’ve read up on loads and I have symptoms that match other people’s but no one really mentions this one. This is a tough one to break through, everybody who pushes through this I have the upmost respect for, people don’t really understand how hard this is. I’m sure I can get myself out of this somehow, any tips would be much appreciated. Oh yeah, and whenever I’m outside, listening to my earphones it sounds different, is vision somehow linked with your hearing? Is the excessive amount of visual information coming in somehow messing with my hearing? Life’s funny, I’m a photographer, and have been because I’ve always been very in tune with my perception, this is like the biggest piss-take of all time! It came after the thing I valued the most, not even realising I could lose it haha. At least something good that’s come out of it is that I’ve told a lot of people who were gonna take hallucinogens to not even risk it, I can’t imagine what it would do to some people, I feel like those of us who get it are somewhat strong enough to deal with it. And sobriety (sigh). So yeah, I know I’m in it for somewhat of a long road, so I’m trying to keep hopeful no matter what, take it day by day, cause I’ve questioned offing myself multiple times. Tried CBD oil by the way, that calmed me down. I heard about Black Seed oil as well, that’s just classically in Middle eastern culture known to be a great cure, so I’m gonna get myself on that soon. Alright, let me know guys.
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