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  1. After the two years there was a point where it did completely go away, I was also taking alprazolam (xanax) though and its been prescribed to reduce the HPPD effects and it works pretty well I guess so that was probably why it went away. And the second one came along because I decided to trip again, and I had actually opened up my third eye that night for a brief period of time on accident, I was just having so many epiphanies and it got to a point where I had an insane amount of pressure in the middle of my forehead and I realized what I needed to do with my life, I realized I needed to comp
  2. Thankyou for the feedback, I agree very strongly with your statement about self reflection. More often than not when I am giving advice I relate it to my own life as well!
  3. I would love to see an answer to this consodering I am going to the dr monday to find something to help my HPPD/ depression/ anxiety out.
  4. hey man I appreciate you for sharing and going through this, I can relate and say that it is tough. I had a 2 year session of HPPD and now im on another one and its been about 4 months, I cant say that I can relate to the 4k eyesight, my vision is worse than before, my depth perception also sucks. I get the intensified colors and light, but its almost like the intense lights and colors take away from my ability to see well, ive always had 20:20 vision, but nowadays its like if im looking i can really only focus on one small portion of what im looking at and i cant grasp fuller images, and for
  5. I appreciate the reply dearly, really did help out, im also glad to know im not the only one out there who has gone through/ is going through, the same thing. Also I love the Alan Watts quote, he is one of my favorite speakers..! I will do better, i had kind of an uplifting experience yesterday so this only helps out more..! If you happen to read this also one of my big problems is having great advice, im a counselor among friends, but I can never take my own advice.. If I could I would be a million times better off..!
  6. Hey guys, so recently I have been feeling very bad about where my life is at so I figured I would share my story, maybe I will feel better if I talk about it and in this day and age this is talking. Anyway, I have been a psychedelic user since the 11th grade, started with some gummy bears that had "LSD" dripped on them, they tasted like battery acid but I knew very little about the drug at the time. I ate about 10-12 of those in all on 3 separate occasions before I actually tripped, and to this day I can truthfully say it was the weirdest trip that I have ever experienced in my life, the feeli
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