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  1. i took 1 year ago LSD , 2 weeks after i smoked some weed(my first time with weed) , i had good experience.. and it felt a bit like LSD trip.. for the next days like everything is ok.. and then after a week i started to get like a mix of lsd and weed "mini high"... and it didn,t stop!! then.. when its all started to relax and i started to feel better and less powerful Flashbacks.. i did my mistake again.. i smoked 1 month ago weed while MDMA roll .. everything startts again... a new HPPD with MDMA and weed "mini high".... it includes feeling tired and anger... depression... ... social anxiety got much worse.. i have some part of the day that i feel good and talk a lot(MDMA) i drink a lot of water, even now..(MDMA) and... i hope it'll dissapear.. i stopped everything, even alcohol i avoid cause it makes worst the symptoms. i do a lot of sports, it makes me feel more intense the symptoms(espcially aerobic) , but i believe that the worse the symptoms the faster the HPPD will disapper for the long range.. also eat only healthy food to help my depression & anxiety crisis that was cause from this HPPD. i absolutely believe it's the weed that trigger the hppd and my deprssion & anxiety .. thanks for reading by the way you guys have some advices how to cure faster NATURAL WAYS ONLY ... ?
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