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    Hello Everyone :)

    Hello, I'm 22 years old. I've never had any drugs in my life. Last week I took LSD and had a bad trip (extereme anxiety and discomfort). I got through it. But then now, after a week, few days ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with a panic attack so I called an ambulance and went to the hospital. I had to wait a lot there but eventually I felt better. They gave me IV and anti anxiety drug (Ativan) there and prescribed me one, which I take when being extremely anxious. It's helping a lot. Yesterday I went to sleep peacefully. I did say to the doctor that I've tried LSD (it was actually my first time to do drugs; and the last of course). But now every now and then I feel anxious (sometimes very sometimes a little anxious). The Ativan is helping. But all this is new to me. I don't want this to last. I have a good life. I'm a student and a musician and I consider myself a decent guy. LSD was a one time thing and I regret it. My problem is mainly anxiety. I do experience visual distortions sometimes late at night but nothing too distracting. I'm definetly going to see a doctor tomorrow and see where it goes from there. Any tips or advice so I can go back to my normal life? I don't want to feel anxious anymore. Any help is appreciated guys and thank you so much, I wish everyone here the best in life and I'm excited to join this community
  2. decentguy

    Hello Everyone :)

    Thank you Jay!! I'm taking Ativan 2 times a day when necessary. I just want this to end and go back to my normal life. The visual distortions are less now just anxiety. Why would a doctor put me on SSRI if they know it'll make it worse? Thanks for the reply

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