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  1. When I had gone months without tripping.. after eating shrooms regularly and up to 14 grams at once as well as 8 hits of Lsd 3 grams an ecstasy pill and nitrous balloons. I was losing it. Seeing people for who they are without ever meeting them breathing walls carpets moving etc. I told my parents and they did whAt any parent would do. Psychiatrist. They thought I was trying to get Xanax and gave me some placebo drug sugar pill. It didn’t work. I even told them I thought I had HPPD. They hadn’t heard of it. It can be tough but finding a way into normal peoples existence is possible. I like to think of it as being a chameleon.
  2. First of all stop being wreckless with your tripping. Give it time to analyze your trips and grow as a person because of them. Don’t just eat Lsd cause your drunk, it’s a kinda sacred thing and if you treat it sloppily without The Who what when where and how it’s grounds for disaster. Get it right and the Magic that sticks with you will be positive. ?????
  3. I would say people need to do like I have done and suck it up and embrace it. Enjoy the sunsets with watery eyes and remember that certain angles of the kneck with lack of O2 result in momentary hallucinations. We didn’t eat a ton of Lsd or mushrooms to be normal. In the moment you don’t notice it. The minds eye is so connected to the body that the human eyes cannot help but have residual memory. ?
  4. I find it interesting that that this term isn’t used more. Heavy past of psychedelics. Can’t see getting it from just marijuana unless combined with other substances. Sometimes it’s hard to get “normals” to relate...
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