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  1. Johnlouxsw

    is this a bad idea?

    I don’t think alcohol could make it worse, probably weed will.
  2. Johnlouxsw

    Lions mane

    I like that one
  3. Johnlouxsw

    Cured hppd 100% full recovery

    Nice to hear, I can’t wait to post the same
  4. Johnlouxsw

    Blank Stare

    I just notice my eyes is looking like dead-eyes, like a blank stare it wasn’t like that bf the HPPD starts, do anyone have the same symptom?
  5. Keep us updated if your symptoms worsened or no
  6. Johnlouxsw


    Hola Fernando soy lucas de brazil, como eras su hppd, qual los sintomas tu tenias
  7. Also, i started taking a noontropic called Piracetam, after that I never had headaches anymore, i just feel a little if I get stressed
  8. First I wanna introduce myself, my name is Lucas I’m from Brazil, my English is not that good so, I got my visual snow from abuse of MDMA and it’s being weird cause my visual I don’t see just static, when I focus on the wall I lightly see spinners spinning, even with my eyes opened or closed, and if I focus on it it becomes worse so I try to don’t focus on it cause I’m afraid to it get worse. I don’t know if it can go away or I’ll stay forever with it, is there anything that I can do? Thank you guys
  9. @Jagermeister I dont see the spinners anymore, my visual snow is the same and I’m having tinnitus. Im sure i’m a little better than when it started. thanks for asking
  10. Thank you for the advice, if it gets better I’ll let u know guys

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