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  1. Also, i started taking a noontropic called Piracetam, after that I never had headaches anymore, i just feel a little if I get stressed
  2. @Jagermeister I dont see the spinners anymore, my visual snow is the same and I’m having tinnitus. Im sure i’m a little better than when it started. thanks for asking
  3. Thank you for the advice, if it gets better I’ll let u know guys
  4. First I wanna introduce myself, my name is Lucas I’m from Brazil, my English is not that good so, I got my visual snow from abuse of MDMA and it’s being weird cause my visual I don’t see just static, when I focus on the wall I lightly see spinners spinning, even with my eyes opened or closed, and if I focus on it it becomes worse so I try to don’t focus on it cause I’m afraid to it get worse. I don’t know if it can go away or I’ll stay forever with it, is there anything that I can do? Thank you guys

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