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  1. Oh the doses I find to work with 3000ppm cds / cdh are 10 mL up, but is a good idea to build up slowly but steady. If you take this high of a doses, make sure you have fasted at least 12 hours or even more to no throw up. Is very nauseating. With hppd the bigger the dose, the bigger the benefit. But be ware of the nause, dont take any antioxidants nor vit c or nothing nor teas nor coffe, this or you will throw up and feel sick guaranteed. When I took big doses did it only like twice a day, by 3 hours span, and they were 10mL of 3000 ppm cds or more. That's all by now. In the link i sent you you can talk directly with me via direct chat and with other people that have tryied it and works with them too. Peace! Love! ❤️
  2. Great! Cdh is also a great idea. 15+ drop doses is what i have found to work the best. If you can fast for a day, and the next day take even more than 15 , even better, the higher the dose, the more healing you get (i mean that you would benefit more from a 20 drops dose than from two 10 drops doses for some reason ) the impact of big doses is way higher. Here, we have a group on discord of people that are trying it so if you wanna join to share the results you are getting it would be awesome. You dont need to register. https://discord.gg/N7Y6Rev Best regards!
  3. I had that too. After solving a big conflict in my life it went away. A week after the onset. And it was after mushroom trip as well, where I got very mad a 2 of my mates i was tripping with and was on rage mode after the trip, and that might have affected. I wouldnt do marihuana or alcohol just un case. to not fuck up things. I had that feeling, and after it resolved, i keept on doing psychedelics until a acid trip left me important consequences, so it might be that you might be succesptible. Check out my post about why I think hppd happens.
  4. es como una constante sensacion de mareo?
  5. I also had good experiences with spirulina. It could be because it has a compound called methyl-folate. It reduces dopamine and serotonin activity, so it calms you down to some extent. It acts as a dopamine reuptake promoter, and same with serotonin. Althought if you take it every single day you can get worse. Depends on the person. Google Wash folate methylfolate metilation and you will find out what im talking about. And some people do not tolerate it as they are folate intolerant. That's my theory tho, and I could be wrong. Peace!
  6. Hey! Im form Bulgaria too! Actually quite weird you came across lsd there, is quite rare or that's what I think so. I dont live there anymore tho. https://www.reddit.com/r/HPPD/comments/9ui20d/i_cured_myself_from_hppd/ http://hppdonline.com/topic/5967-so-i-cured-my-hppd-using-indutrial-bleach-wtf/ There are the posts where I explain my case. I cured it using high doses of MMS/CDS. DM me if you have any questions. Peace!
  7. So I've got the same from mushroms, and yeah, they also gave me sulpiride, that I didnt took, I didnt like the idea of taking antipsychotics. It passed away. So I had som trips mid time, but. Some months later after a trip on LSD I had hppd. So, you know, dont do Lsd , and I would stop any other psychedelic by now. That was a warning sign I must have listened to. I used chlorine dioxide to reverse my hppd, like 10 drops every morning, so give it a try if you will and tell me how it goes. Un saludo compañero!
  8. Yeah! I do! Interesting to know I'm not the only one. Is like part of my hppd symptoms. So, do you have them in usually functional muscles, or in muscles that you dont usually use? I got almost all the time constant contractions at the surface of my tonge, where there are no muscles. As if the contractions happen in sensory nerves,not muscle nerves. You know what Im talkint about? That really interesting.
  9. By the way brendan, did you had any improvements? Please tell whatever results you are guetting. For taking large doses without taste I use the capsule method. I pucharse capsules from internet, like empty ones, and if I cant I go to the farmacy and get the cheapest encapsulated vitamin or whatever, that I can open up and use again. So I activate the chlorine dioxide, and fastly after activation time put it in a capsule using an eyedroper. I swallow them after that and drink plenty of water. That way I get less taste and can bare with it. Tell me how you're doing brother. Kind regards Peter
  10. So okay, for some reason, it works out only when I reach 10 drops concentrations. As if some higher concentrations are needed to kill the virus causing the hppd I use as a activator Food grade HCl (chlorhidric acid) at 4% concentration. It is less nauseating and tastew better. I also tried the nacetilcisteine thing, but for some reason, when I took it ,the mms stoped working. I didnt feel my head clear up with 10 drop doses but needed much higher than that. I think that chlorine dioxide is a oxidant, and nacetil cisteine produces glutation. Glutation is a antioxidant, so I guess mms and gluthation cancel each other out, so it stops working. Same happens if I take vit c and e (they both are antioxidants, as well as a , and some other). I get very nauseated and sick, and dont have my head clearing up. So while taking it stop all vitamin and general suplementation. Is the best while treting with this kind of oxidatice therapy. I would take a bunch of vitamins, and feel how it stoped working, so is like vitamins cancell out the effect. So everytime I take 10 drops, my head clears up, my visuals increase for a minute or so, then they fade away (as something is rewiring back up there), I get nausea (specially if I have eaten, so take the drops on empty stomach, never ever take it on full stomach), get sleepy, fall asleep, and when I wake up I feel less depersonalized and with slightly decreased visuals. With every dose I feel like "coming down" of that constant tripping like state to back to normal. I feel better when I fast, and go on ketosis. When I eat sugar, my hppd felt worse (noy increased visuals, but rather mind fuck and deorientstion kicked in) (another reason why I think hppd has to do with the jc virus infecion, or infection of some sort) I also had blood tests done, and my blood sedimentation speed was way higher than normal, indicating some sort of inflamation or infection. That and many more reasons, are why I do think hppd is caused by a viral infection or brain infection of some sort. And why it has autoinmune relationship (autoinmune are no other thing than latent infections, cells that get infected of small enough bacteria, that change their stucture, and body detects them as not of the body, so atacks them) There are cases of MS cured using antibiotics for chlamidia pneumoniae, althought it is considered a autoinmune, so go figure. Is like MS is a latent infection of chlamidia that was able to cross the blood brain barrier and go into the cns. Is like, when you trip, as psychedelics have inmunosuppressive characteristics, inmune system is supressed while tripping, virus crosses blood brain barrier (maybe throught caries cointaining the virus, as there is likely to be more of the virus in a caries, with a high enough viral load so it acumulates enough and with suppresed inmune system can cross the blood brain barrier , other wise, the viral load wouldnt be high enough to have such impact I guess, but I could be wrong), fucks with the receptors in some weird way, maybe damages it, maybe the virus gets stuck in there or maybe the virus makes the lsd or whatever stay in there, activating the receptor constantly , thus producing the symptoms. But is obvious, otherwise the chlorine dioxide would not have worked. And also is such a coincidence that there exists a virus that interacts exactly with the 5ht2a receptor that is the main target of psychedelics Now im completely back to normal, happy again, completelt functional, and recovered. I can sleep again, dream again and my thoughts are normal again. I see no more visuals and have no more depersonalization I feel like myself with my memories of who I am back again. There is only one rare thing. My vision has gotten blurry and gets more and more blurry with time. I mean, many people with hppd happen to have that exact same symptom, even after cured. As some sort of infection still triving. I thing a serious chlorine dioxide protocol may adress that. Check out the book "mms health and recovery guidebook" in the "protocol" part to see what im talking about. My visuals snow is almost unnoticeable, as well as my tracers, and with every dose they diminish. It was one hell of a ride! So people please tell me: Did your theeth hurt when you got hppd? Did you had caries back then? Do you have any autoinmune underlying condition? Inflamated ganglia on the neck or somewhere else? Do you have photosensibility? (5ht2a receptor blockage is related with photosensibility, thats why atipical antipsychotic medication produce photosensibility, I guess) I do have photosensibility. Also I have anedotal evidence of people taking 9 hits pure acid, almost no efects, a week later have hppd, as if dose receptors were somehow already altered and could not handle the lsd, and latter the hppd onsets. Was your onset of hppd progressive, like a infection? Did you had a dose, and weeks later, your hppd started? As if it was a infection that needed time to start being noticeable. Did it get worse with time? If it was drug induced that would make no sense as you should recover, but if it is a infection, it will get worse nomatter what. Did you eat something while tripping? Or an hour or two before tripping? That one is very important: Did you had alcohol, or a benzo or any sedative when tripping? My experience with reading hppd onset reports, is that alcohol or benzos were a partaker of the trip that onset hppd, as mine, were I had a lorazepam to "stop the trip" Did you had already worsening personality and cognitive traits before your hppd onset? As if it was something neurological latent thing that was brought up to light after the trip? So yeah. If you have chlorine dioxide in handy, make sure you have not taken vitamins or antioxidants like cofe or teas for some days, and go on empty stomach take 10 drops. If you have some improvement report back. In my case I had improvement but very slow, after some 2 weeks of doing every morning 10 drops was significant. Altought it was noticeable. Try to go on ketosis and see how you feel. You will have sugar cravings, so be resistent, or eat so much less sugar. Dont be worried by the nausea or diarrea or adverse effects you mau get, they will go away. Millions of people have took chlorine dioxide and none has got permanent damage whatsoever, but many (most of them) have heald of a bunch of condintions. If you try it and it works, report back please, im curious if this was just with me. Stay safe! Kind regards Peter
  11. Como se te desarrolló? Yo estoy en el 6to mes y ya casí he remitido. Estoy muy contento de volver a sentirme nornal y poder llevar una vida en condiciones. Un saludo
  12. So its been month and a half using it but inconsistently. Like one day, the after 3 days again , some other random day. Thats not the way it should be, as mms does not work when taken like that. But still I feel benefits and worked to some extent. It is meant to be taken every day ceirtain number of hours. So I will have to research how I have to take it for optimal results. I use as a activator, food grade hcl at 4% concentration. It is less nauseating and tastes better. So the idea is to follow ceirtain instructions, the book "mms health and recovery guidebook" by jim jumble is avaliable around the net. There you have a long detailed explanation on how the mms should be taken. It is really helpfull to read it before starting any procedure as you will win more time by not commiting common mistakes. I mean, in the book is exposed what you should do and what should not do. Well here is the thing. I make 10 drops, of the sodium chlorite and 10drops of activator hcl in a big glass. Wait a minute, add plenty of water and drink it just as I would drink a martini, slowly but steady(I dont like martinis, as I dont like to drink chlorine dioxide) It has not a pleasnt taste, so I do it as I can. On empty stomach in the morning is better (if i had eaten something before, nause goes over 9000) And after that, I feel how my head clears, I get nausea , and I feel like I get sleepy, my body exhausts. And is common for me to fall asslep. After I wake up, I feel a little better mentally. Less depersonalizated, and overall more orientated. I do that every morning and every day I feel better But! Thats actually no the way it should be. There are protocols, aka ways of intakes following ceirtain instructions that are meant for treating diease in a specific way. Many people had consumed mms prior to discovering the protocols and no one ever got well after using it. The key is in how you take it. So for viral infections is supossed to be taken like every hour a dose, for 12 hours + a day.https://www.google.es/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/files/MMS/Handling%20Viruses%20with%20MMS.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi28vLxqL_dAhVCKuwKHYrwAEsQFjACegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw0LllIH-2jtIcFKcbRELCCh Because the following happens: Mms prevents the body from making some protein that feeds the reproductive cycle of the virus. But chlorine dioxide is flushed out of the body in a hour and a half. So you have to take it every hour to maintain the chlorine dioxide levels up enough so the body does not produce the protein. After some time that this protein is not produced, virus dies, because it needs to reproduce to survive. Thats the theory. But here is the thing: I feel the benefit when I take 10 drops. Less i dont feel any instant benefit. But taking 10 drops orally makes me nauseated as fuck. I can stand it tho. Lower doses I feel they also have efect but the real deal is the 10 drop mark concentration. So please, try 10 drops on empty stomach and report back if there is some diference. Protocol 1000 for 3 weeks , 8 hours a day is used succesfully for viral infections, but idk if viral infections on the body are the same as viral infections on the brain, althought mms crosses the blood brain barrier. But maybe concentraton is key. I just dont know. What I plan is doing this: I will fast for somewhat 10-14 days, my self in my home without going out, just doing nothing but the protocols, and I will do protocol 3000 during that time ( that is putting chlorine dioxide throught your skin using dmso, in the book is well explained) so I guess that will be enough for the virus to be defeated. I will try to do 24 hours mms intake, so to be sure that the protein is prevented form forming for long enough. If i have no other option, I may use as well the colonic option. I would try IV but I dont have equipment nor safe lab to prepare the things in a right way. I know how crazy this sounds, but I want to be 100% well back again to normalcy, and I feel Im on the right path. So do you feel already any benefits? If you feel anything, please share, I would really like to know if that aplies to other hppdiers. Btw, That of maintaing chlorine dioxide in the mouth is a bad move. As you state, the theet starts to feel awkward. I dont use citric acid anymore because it is more nauseating. If I use it is because I dont have anything around better than it. But if you ask me the better is cds, it has less taste. You just have to make sure it is preserved on the fridge so it does not loose potency. There are actually easy methods to make cds like the shot glass method, is all around the net. I dont use the shot glass method to make it but I should give it a try as it seems easyer to do. So do your research, the " MMS Health and recovery guidebook" has all the information you need to proceed. And read testimonies, make your own conclusions. I will post back when I find some more precise information in the whole subject. Meanwhile do research. All in all: Try the 10 drops thing and see how it goes ( empty stomach, dont take any vit c , omega 3s in capsules nor antioxidants priorly). Then try for some days protocol 1000 and see how it goes, I will start it today and see how it goes. Dont give up, is just we have to figure out how it works best. Thats complex stuff yo know. Kind regards
  13. .So here is the story. 21st march, this year. One week of microdosing every two days. Day on day off. 4 total times. Then 2 days after last microsose, I macrodosed 240mcs of a safe lsd analog. At the 8th hour mark of the trip I decide to take a Lorazepam because I relieved my life and traumas and stuff un a short period of time and I freaked out. So I did it to abort the trip. I took 0.5 mg ( I was never an advocate for aborting trips, but crazy shit happened and althought I knew it could be a error, I did it anyway. I didnt stop tripping, I just felt more deoriented but whatever. So hours pass by, and Im still tripping. Wtf. One week passed. Still tripping. Hard. By hard I mean hard. I was really bad. So In my trippy thoughts a idea came in like : Well, maybe because I took the lorazepam, I reduced brain conectivity and could not come back to my initial phase, back to normal. So althought I was scared af, I took the dmt, load it in a machine, and the following happened. Totall nothingness. My vision was dark, total emptiness and dispair. Felt extreme guilt. Nothing but darkness. So I come back from the dmt trip, and is like the hppd was a little more okay, but still was hard, and just the experience was horrible. As if my brain could not function as normaly would do. Well, time passes by and a week later I decide to tell every one in my family because the hppd was so hard I could not just camuflate it. They knew I used psychedelics and they were fine with it, but that was something unexpected. Long story short, I was like : Fuck, I might have triggered some latent schizofrenia or whatever, my life is ruined I cannot study anymore, I cannot interact with my friends anymore, I can not function normal again. It was with constuant morphing visuals, and the biggest problem was the mindfuck, depersonalization, timeless loop every moment, i would think in lsd like manner what could happend in alternate timelines, where things happend in a diferent way, much like the rick y morty infinites timelines episode. I would talk with entities or imagine I was doing that, I would see the entities in my vision (yes, with lsd and seing entities, shit got weird) I tought I was possesed, paranoia, I could not focus as my mind was constantly switching from one thought to another and I could do nothing for controling it. I could not sleep for 3 months, really, slepless. If I tried something for sleeping I would have very intense dreams and wake up inmidiately. Basically that kind of stuff. My face changed, I do really looked depressed, you could notice it just by looking at me. So yeah, not fun at all. So I was all time thinking… wtf could have gone wrong? I was a semi experienced tripper. I did dmt 60+ times, mushroms 5 times maybe, and microdosed maybe like 20 times(mushrooms). And that was my first lsd trip. The prior microdosing of lsd with that severity was really a bad move. Here is my theory. You might know that psychedelics have effect on inmune system. They can suppresse it. Actually people loose alergies after doing psychedelics because they block the inmune response chain to the allergic subtances that our bodies detect as "bad" or "toxic" So they can have a inmunoregulatory effect. What that means ? Well, you /your inmune could stop responding to ceirtain stimuly that it normally would for a ceirtain period of time. That includes viruses. I guess. Actually I dont know. But I do know that psychedelics reduce inflamation because they suppress the inmune chain reaction. So here is the thing, I microdosed for that long, enough time for my inmune to stop responding, and some virus or whatever cross my ematoencefalic barrier, go up there, and start reproducing. Keep in mind that there are none ( at least that I know of, if know someone, please let me know) cases of people with mescaline hppd. I have not seen one on all my search in this forum. And mescaline is dopaminergic. I know that is rare, but there are salvia hppd cases (kappa opioid receptor related?) But lsd and mushroms, that are the most comon(lsd more than mushroms) hppd cases, and they are serotonergic. 5htp receptors related. Okay so, there is a virus called the jc virus (Jhon Cuningham, is called with the name of the discoverer). This virus infects cells using the 5ht2a receptor, and that receptor is one of the target receptor of psychedelic drugs. Hm. That's interesting I thought at the time. I dont know what the fuck does this virus, but it bothers with that receptor and keeps it activated. Or maybe fucks with enzimes and proteins that get out the lsd from the receptor and it stays there active. I dont know, I will research more deeply in that. So this virus, jc virus, is bening. 60 to 80% of the population have it. It is reguled by the inmune system, and it usually does not get into the central nervous system. But ! If you have inmunodeficiency issues, vih virus or aids for example, or you take some inmunosupressor medication, or medication that as a side effect supresses the inmune system, you can activate it, in a sense that it will be able to get trought the blood brain barrier, and afect your brain, because your inmune system is not controlling it. (Notice psychedelics, and specially what I did, lsd+lorazepam is high probaly to be inmuno suppressing, as benzodazepines can have such effect too) Guess what people, many of the HPPDiers have some autoinmune condition!!! Me myself I have nothing diagnosed, but since birth I had always my white blood cell glands inflamated (are they called linfatic ganglia i think) So the jc virus once in the brain, produces multifocal leukopathy or however that is spelled. And multiple sclerosis too i think. I dont know if the virus can be reguled by the inmune system once in the brain. But, well because many reasons this makes so much sense. People fasting, after a long fast, have their hppd reduced drastically (when you are on a fast, your body uses only fat aka is on ketosis, and the metabolism changes, including inmune). Also I know that people with autoinmune issues benefit greatly with only meat and fat diet (your body when uses only fat and protein is also on ketosis), for example jordan peterson. There are a lot of testimonies on the net. And this makes some sense. There are people that have a trip, come back as usuall, and week or two weeks later, they start having visual snow and hppd symptoms. Is not directly after the experience. Something happens, as if the virus needs some time to reproduce enough to start having efects or something weird. Stress and such also have efecr on the inmune system. Note that visual snow is also autoinmune related. Crazy? Yeah, I know. Here comes the candy. What the fuck has to do bleach with all this. Well, by bleach I dont mean comon bleach. It actually is another compound that has really diferent characteristics to bleach. Is chlorine dioxide! So well, chlorine dioxide is the weakest oxidizer on the market. It is used as a water purifier. Oxigenated water, aka hidrogen peroxide h2o2, is also a oxidizer, but a more potent one. So if you drank oxigen peroxide, you would get cell damage, as its oxidative potential is 1.8 The oxidative potential oxigen cells is 1.3 So body tissue would get oxidized by hidrogen peroxide, as it is greater than oxygen. But! The oxidative potential of chlorine dioxide is 0.95. Lower than oxigen thus it cannot damage the body. And bacteria have even lower oxidative potential, so it can oxidize aka kill bacteria easily. Without damagin the body. Well, chlorine dioxide is a unique compound because of that chemical profile. It has been used by thousands of people to treat various conditions. I will not get into that very deep, but that a fact, many people have used chlorine dioxide safely worldwide. You can look up testimonies all around the net of recoveries using that compound. So well, it also helps with autoinmune diseases. There are recoveries reports you can look up on yt. What does chlorine dioxide to help with autoinmune disorders? Well, ceirtanly it kills pathogens, so once you help your inmune to kill pathogens, it will have more space to do other things. And also! If you take chlorine dioxide following ceirtain instructions, you could prevent your body form producing proteins that feed the repoductive cycles of viruses. Soooo... You know, check it out. https://www.google.bg/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/files/MMS/Handling%20Viruses%20with%20MMS.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiI1oLy67jdAhVhwIsKHT5nBOMQFjAPegQIBhAB&usg=AOvVaw0LllIH-2jtIcFKcbRELCCh I was really bad. But every time I would take 10 drops of chlorine dioxide my head would clear up and I would feel better mentally, and every time I did it it was as if I was coming down, and down and down. Keep in mind thar chlorine dioxide passes trought the blood brain barrier so some weird effect is going on here. I would say im 98% back to normal, and that I can live a normal life again. Altought im not 100% back, O still have ringing in the ears and feel like im slightly wired. Tracers are almost gone. It took some time, it was not just right after that. So. Just as a observation, I tried lamotrigine. I couldnt sleep at the time i tried it. When I hit the 25 mg mark, I was able to sleep again. So I felt asleep , and could feel how my brain was shut down again from a long time ago, but there was like still a part of my brain active. I started to see a entity that was morphing from one looney toon cartoons character into another constantly and I heared out loud random noises ive heard throught my life put togueter armonically, kind of like glassalelia. But I do really heard them. And is the first time I heard something that is not there. I knew it wasnt real but it scared me because I should not be hearing stuff thst isnt there you know. So my theory is this: When I was on lamotrigine, my brain could shut down, (I could not sleep before that) but there was still a part of it active. I think that this active part, are the 5ht2a receptors, that are somehow active via this virus, and thus Im getting the trippy imagery while asleep, because is acting on a group of receptors that serotonergic psychedelics also act on. What do you think guys? I stoped the lamotrigine just in case so to not fuck up something more. To hear out loud some noises that are not there kinda scared and concerned me. I will tell the whole story another time, but thats basically what I wanted to share with you. Please! Moderators! This is a testimony, my intention is not spaming nothing nor incite people do dangerous things. Is just that I wanted to share that info and that insight. Take it as a random dude on the internet rambling about his theory of how hppd could be posible. Im not saying this is a cure but it helped me a lot somehow. Also i would like to know if it helps someone else. Would be great to know. So, you know, I had made a thread like this again and it had been deleted because someone thought I was spaming a product. I dont sell nothing, and chlorine dioxide is a water disinfectant you can pucharse in any water supplyes store. Im telling you, I was so bad, I couldnt even articulate,nor have a conversartion nor do nothin. I have my life back again. Im not saying this might work with you, but it has ceirtanly worked for me to ceirtain extent. Im not 100% back but I feel like im on the right track. Sorry for my bad english if any but it is not my native language. Peace!
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